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Where to find custom perfume gift box factory?

  • source:Perfume Gift Box
  • Time:05/17/2018

When talking about the packaging design of perfume boxes, we must consider three important factors:

1.Reflect the temperament of perfume: Many consumers use the packaging design of perfume to determine the style and taste of the perfume, and lay the first impression on the perfume.Therefore, the packaging designer of perfumes must present the intangible aroma to people through the tangible perfume gift box design, so that people can intuitively appreciate the unique charm of this perfume.

2.Reflect the characteristics of the brand:Each brand has its unique cultural connotation and design style, and their products will also have brand brand, and the packaging design of perfume bottle box should also reflect the characteristics of the brand, which can strengthen the value of perfume and promote good brand publicity.

3.Unique and outstanding, able to attract consumers:It is important to make some designs for your perfume packaging which are special and unique so your brand can stand out from the market.And your consumers are willing to know more about your perfume inside the boxes.


Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd is a professional perfume gift box factory, who specialized in making customization of different kinds of paper rigid packaging for more than 18 years.We are please to share some perfume packaging box designs with you here.


Perfume gift box with lid


This perfume series is packed with a normal base and lid box. Inside with a die cut paper tray with dot printing.From the outside printing design, we can get a first impression of this perfume brand.Client also choose three different colors to print on the base box in order to differ the three different aroma of his product.Consumers can choose their preference based on the colors.


Perfume packaging box with ribbon closure


This perfume box series seems more luxury than the first one as the shape just look like a book and give people a sense of mystery. No matter the outside printing or the inside EVA color are perfect matched with the special fragrance which brand owner wants to tell us.Most important,client requests some printing slogan on each ribbon closure to show its brand significance.It is our profession and pleasure to make all clients satisfied with all the gift packaging we make for them.


Cylinder paper tube perfume box


This cylinder perfume box has several designs based on its ingredients and efficacy.Sometimes client will request special designs for the promotion of the holidays.But the whole structure will not change as it present their perfume brand. And as this client cares more about the environmental friendliness,they prefer a simple paper tray instead of EVA or plastic trays.

Well if you are just ready to find a custom paper box factory for your perfume box packaging and design, you are welcomed to contact us directly for more designs and information.

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