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Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging factory is specialized in customizing paper gift boxes for many years.We provide all kinds of custom gift boxes.The mainly common styles include:Paper box with lids style,Magnetic paper box style of book shape style,Foldable gift box style,Sliding paper box style or drawer style,One-batch forming box style,round paper box style,hexagon paper box style.

Paper box with lids style:

contains two parts, base and lid. But considering different aesthetic standard, there are two models chose by different clients. One model is like the first picture, but lid height is a little large than the bottom so the lid can cover the base. One is like the second picture, with border in the middle. Most commonly used in the below industries: electronic packaging boxes, wine gift boxes, jewelry gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, chocolate gift boxes etc.

  • electronic packaging boxes
  • cosmetic gift boxes

Magnetic paper box style of book shape style:

They looks like a book when opened. Some like the first shape with magnet closure, some like second shape with elastic band to hold the lid.Mostly used in USB packaging boxes, perfume gift boxes, device packaging boxes, essential oil box, etc.

  • cosmetic gift boxes 02
  • perfume gift boxes

Foldable gift box style:

This is the most popular designs among the clients for it can be ship flat and save a lots of space and shipping cost. Usually closed by magnet or ribbon. Commonly used for many industries, such as wedding dress gift boxes, beauty gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes, etc.

  • beauty gift boxes
  • Christmas gift boxes

Sliding paper box style:

Usually has a ribbon pull or thumb bottom to easy open the drawer. We can always see the style used for jewelry gift box packaging, electronic packaging boxes and other luxury gift boxes.

  • electronic packaging box
  • jewelry gift boxes 02

One-batch forming box style:

This kind of boxes are made of corrugated paper which can be die cut and twist into any shape and most protective. They are used for shipping or mailing purpose. The corrugated mailing boxes are now popular customized by online shop owners or companies.

  • shipping boxes for electronics
  • corrugated paper box 02

Round/tube box style:

This kind of rigid box is also called hat box for its shape. It is a special model in base and lid style. So they can also be made with border or not inside. We can commonly see them used in packing flowers, perfumes bottles.

  • electronic packaging boxes 02

Any other styles you like can be customized also, feel free to click here now!

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