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Custom logo large black paper perfume gift box packaging factory
black perfume gift box with gold logo
black perfume gift box factory
custom perfume gift box manufacturer

Custom gold logo large black perfume gift box packaging with lid

  • Product Description:
  • This perfume gift box is large in size and with matt black make the whole box more luxury.With a thick EVA inside can protect the perfume bottle so well when shipping.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-F007-A
  • Name: custom gold logo large black perfume gift box with lid
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 25*12*12cm or custom
  • Shape: Paper box with lid shape
  • Usage: Perfume gift packaging
  • Material: 120gsm black card laminated on 2mm gray board + EVA
  • Finish: gold foil stamping
  • Delivery time: 15-20days
  • Note: Any size, shape, logo can be customized



Are you looking for a reliable perfume packaging box supplier?

Do you want to get more customers for your fragrance products?

You need to customize a distinctive box for your perfume.


Why do need custom packaging boxes

Perfume is a delicate commodity. They are usually packed in glass containers. In order to protect the perfume from damage during transportation, merchants must use high-quality packaging boxes.

Merchants can print the relevant information of the product on the perfume packaging box. When consumers look at the packaging box, they can easily learn about the ingredients, origin, usage, etc. of the perfume, helping consumers make decisions.

The packaging box is the first step for consumers to understand the product, and the unique packaging box can leave a deep impression on consumers.


How to Customize Perfume Packaging Box

To customize an exclusive packaging box for your perfume, you need to determine the following points


According to your perfume bottle, measure the most suitable size, and let us know the size of the box;


Good design is very important, you can design the packaging box according to your brand positioning, or you can give it to our professional designers to help you design;

Inner tray

The inner tray is an important component to protect your product in the box, there are many different inner tray to choose from, such as sponge inner tray, EVA inner tray, paper inner tray and so on;


There are many types of packaging boxes, and they have different shapes. Book-shaped boxes, clamshell boxes, base and lid boxers, round boxes, etc. can be customized. The shape you choose depends mainly on your needs.

Custom Perfume Paper Box Sample Picture Show:

black perfume gift box factory
custom perfume gift box manufacturer
custom paper box for perfume bottle packaging
black perfume gift box with gold logo

What are characteristics of this perfume gift boxes?

This perfume gift box is some kind of paper box with lid shape, called neck style boxes. Neck boxes are three piece boxes, with a border glued or friction-locked into cover. Candle box, perfume gift box are well with neck styles.

Rigid enough: This rigid prfume box is made of 120gsm black card laminated on 1200gsm A level chipboard which is very strong and hard to damage during shipping.

Protective enough: With EVA inside the bottom make the perfume box more luxury. What’s the most important is with EVA can protect the perfume bottle from shaking inside the boxes and hard to damage.

Cost-effective: This perfume box made by black paper wrapping and no need to print and laminate, so you can save a lot of cost on it.

Logo prominent: This paper perfume box used not only the gold foil finishing but also the embossing finishing in the same place. We first make gold stamping on the paper then make embossing on the same part of design, that is hard to make them in the 100% position, but in our factory, we have new skill to solve this question and can make the box look perfect.

What are the hot shapes for custom perfume paper boxes?

What are the best selling shape for perfume gift boxes?

The perfume box designs changed from clients to clients and year to year, but the popular styles are the same ones as the above sample perfume boxes. And the cylinder perfume box is the new try for our Israel client who owns a famous cosmetic brand all over the world.

Why choose Huaisheng Packaging

fully customizable

Regarding customized perfume packaging boxes, we have rich experience and can customize any size, color, logo, pattern according to your design;


We are a professional factory with the advantages of large-scale production, so we can provide you with competitive prices for your perfume packaging boxes;

Quality assurance

We have professional technicians and production equipment, as well as a strict quality control system, to always provide customers with high-quality perfume packaging boxes.

Our Service

Our Company: We are a custom paper packaging box supplier, manufaturer and factory. Welcome to visit us!

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Custom Logo Perfume Gift Box with Ribbon Closure

Custom Logo Perfume Gift Box with Ribbon Closure

Custom perfume packaging box with brand logo | Perfume bottle box factory

Custom black perfume packaging box with logo | perfume box manufacturer

custom paper box for perfume bottle packaging

Custom gold logo large black perfume gift box packaging with lid

perfume packaging box with lid

Base and lid style bespoke perfume gift box with EVA

perfume gift box

Customized top and bottom paper perfume packaging box

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Special Design Hexagon Shape Gift For Perfume

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