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Rigid gift boxes are now become more and more popular in the packaging and printing industry. Our HS Packaging not only make these gift boxes but also provide custom service for all kinds of products packaging, such as custom Christmas gift box, wedding dress gift box,chocolate gift box, foldable gift box, pen gift box, wine gift box, folding gift box, perfume gift box, tube gift box, cosmetic gift box, electronic packaging, corrugated mailing box and so on. See the hot sample custom gift boxes we made right side for reference:

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Cosmetic Gift Box

Magnetic Closure Cosmetic Gift Box With EVA Insert

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flower gift box for rose packaging

Flower Gift Box

Customized black round paper gift box for flower packaging

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Customized Blue Paper Box for Wine Gift Packaging

Wine Gift Box

Customized Blue Paper Box for Wine Gift Packaging

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Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Inc., Ltd. is a gift box supplier, factory, specialized in customizing gift packaging boxes, gift bags, offering competitive price and high quality products.

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Inc., Ltd. was located Guangzhou,China,where is very close to Port of Huangpu for ocean shipping.We are focus on custom manufacturing of exquisite manual paper gift boxes.Company founder Marine Wang personally engaged in paper packaging printing industry for over 23 years.The company covers over 5000 square meters of workshop area and has 3 websites on Alibaba. With over 10 years handmade experienced staff and technical personnel for quality control,as well 20 professional trading sales,we committed to be China’s most cost-effective quality paper packaging manufacturer. Main products include custom gift boxes, wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift box, perfume gift box, chocolate gift box, jewelry gift box, corrugated mailing box,flower gift boxes,electronic packaging box,custom paper bags and etc..

For now,we have produced thousands kinds of products for clients from all over the world with different brands and designs with logo.Including many kinds of shaped boxes used for gift packaging,such as Sliding Paper Box, Magnetic Paper Box,Foldable Paper Box......








We are the China’s highest cost-effective handmade gift box manufacturer, use recycling paper materials, guarantee best quality products and after-service.


Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Inc., Ltd. is one of China’s best handmade custom gift box manufacturer, who owns 10 items of new patents for packaging solutions.

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Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Inc., Ltd. paper box manufacturer's business spreads all over the world and establishes good cooperation with many famous brand companies, such as Xiaomi, Porsche, SAMSUNG, Dior, Nike, SK-II, Sabon, Coole Swan, Google, and etc.

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