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customize design gift box packaging for perfume
cosmetic gift packaging box for perfume
magnet box with gold stamping for cosmetic
Luxury cosmetic gift packaging box
customize perfume packaging box from HS packaging factory

customize design gift box packaging for perfume

  • Product Description:
  • Find and create ideas of beauty box for cosmetic packaging in Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Now! Many different styles and sample prototypes are available here. Personalized your own cosmetic gift boxes to promote your business by email:[email protected].
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-CO005
  • Name: customize design gift box packaging for perfume
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Color: black color
  • Size: 9*9*8m or custom
  • Shape: Book box shape
  • Usage: perfume gift packaging
  • Material: 110gsm black card paper laminated on 2mm gray board + plastic tray
  • Finish: Matt lamination, 0C,gold stamping 
  • Delivery date: 15-20days
  • Note: Any size, shape, logo can be customized


Perfume Gift Box Sample Picture Show:


How to make book shaped perfume boxes?


1.Preparation materials: molded gray board inner box, inner box edged paper, inner box edge paper,  shell double gray, shell surface paper,shell liner paper.

  Tools: Scraper, rag, alcohol

  Glue: Select the appropriate glue according to the surface finish of the paper


2.Production process: put the shell cover paper into the glue machine,the glue side is facing up, and the shell gray board is pasteed according to the angle position;

  Put the long sides of the leather cover paper into the box and put in the bread, scrape the glue with a scraper,then flatten the four corners, and wrap the short two sides of the paper.

  Put the inner liner paper over the glue and stick it on the finished shell case.


3.Make the inner box in the same way;


4.But before you make the liner paper onto the box, you need first to put the ribbon in when making this book shaped gift box. Also there is a border inside the inner box but no magnet to make the box closed tightly.


5.Assembling the whole box and put the plastic insert into the box.

Warm color packaging boxwine-gift-box-factory-2customize perfume gift box with magnet


What do you know about the perfume packaging?


The first step and the most important step in getting the perfume to market is to have an attractive perfume bottle and a beautiful perfume package. Perfume packaging will directly affect the sales of perfumes. Therefore, some large perfume companies have set up special design departments and hired top perfume bottle designers. A good perfume should be unusual, not grotesque, strong in personality, and can be remembered, and it is energetic and strong. The mellow aroma is gradually emanating, without interruption, spread, and endurance. The aroma is stable and the fragrance is long-lasting. At the same time, we must also have a unique perfume bottle type and perfume packaging to form an organic unity body, giving people a sense of elegance and elegance. The smell of the air in the air can not be left by the packaging, but a good design will make people feel the taste of the air. The shape, color, structure, text and auxiliary image design of the perfume package can impress the viewer's sense of smell, as if to distinguish the taste of the perfume in the air. Women are not the only customers of perfume. In foreign countries, men's perfumes occupy 2/5 of the shelf, so the market for male perfumes cannot be ignored. Because of the traditional definition of men and women, the use of incense has a customary distinction. Men and women have different preferences for fragrance. Men's perfumes are lighter than women's perfumes. The packaging of men's and women's perfumes is also very different, which can be distinguished from the outer packaging, shape and color. Eastern and Western people have different tastes for perfumes. More women in the West like the rich and hot aroma, soaking their hearts and sorrows, making people feel gorgeous. Oriental women like the fresh and elegant aroma, which is traceable and fascinating. It is like a fragrant fragrance that makes people feel relaxed and natural. The two styles of perfume, each with its fascinating charm, can be expressed in the form of colors and shapes in the package. The packaging of women's perfumes should conform to the characteristics of the perfume itself, whether it is from bottle type, color or packaging design. For example, some women's perfumes are romantic, gentle and sexy. Some are elegant, delicate, quiet, harmonious. They are noble, elegant and pure, cute, fresh, confident and happy.


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