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The Inner Trays

We Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging factory not only provides custom printed boxes but also provide the inner trays to protect or hold the products inside the rigid boxes.There are some normal used inserts we want to introduce to you:EVA,foam/sponge,corrugated paper tray,blister/plastic tray as well as paper tray.

  • EVA Insert

    EVA: It is the most luxury,rigid and expensive one.It has the characters of good cushioning,seismic,heat insulation,moisture-proof,chemical corrosion and non-toxic,non-absorbent.The common colors are black,white and grey,special colors need customization with large quantity.Buyers like to use them in their perfume bottle boxes,wine bottle boxes,etc.

  • Foam Insert

    Foam/Sponge: It it the most common used in many industry packaging, such as jewelry gift packaging,cosmetic packaging, power bank packaging, corrugated shipping packaging linings, etc.. They have the advantages of light weight,heat insulation, cushioning, high specific strength. Normally there are white, off-white, grey and black color for selection. For special color, we can flocked with velvet on the surface.

  • Corrugated Paper Insert

    Corrugated Cardboard: It contains three layers, so it has high mechanical strength, which can withstand the collision during the handling and fall. It can be shipped flat, but the material is a little hard to order, so less used for custom gift boxes, but it can be printed full color when laminated a piece of paper on it, so if time is enough, you can have a try.

  • Plastic Tray

    Blister/Plastic Trays: It can be mold cutting into any product shapes. So if you have some special products shape, you can use it for protection. Main advantage of plastic trays are light wright, easy transportation, good sealing performance, in line with green standard. Commonly used in essential oil box or other skincare products suit boxes, pharmaceuticals packaging, etc..

  • Paper Insert

    Paper Insert: It is the most cheapest insert. If you have a limited budget, it is a better choice. Thick paper has a good anti-shock, anti-static, anti-corrosion effect and eco-friendly. It is widely used in chocolate gift box inner trays.

Any other inserts you requested can be provide also,feel free to inquiry us now!

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