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Top gift box supplier for your wine packaging

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  • Time:12/03/2018

“In the hearts of everyone,
There are several paragraphs about the wine,
Some are sweet, some are sour, some are strong, some are light.
But what we recall is not just the taste of wine.
It is a memory of people and things that cannot be forgotten in the depths.”

People are increasingly inseparable from wine in daily life. Wine is a liquid commodity, and today's dazzling array of shopping malls, the first thing that catches people's eyes is the outer packaging of the wine - the wine box. Wine box packaging plays a very important role in the sales of wine, especially its role in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, satisfying the spiritual needs of consumers, and consolidating the brand and corporate image. Among them, paper wine boxes are more popular.

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the top gift box suppliers of wine packaging. We provide various kinds of wine gift box designs for your reference, or you can have your own custom design wine packaging made in our factory. Like the new arrival blue wine box below.

gift box supplier

From the outer view, it is just like an ancient book, full of mystery. The purpose of this design is to let consumers have the willing of tasting the wine in the box once they see this wine box package.

When you open the first cardboard page, you will see the whole history of this wine brand printed on a piece of butter paper. After you knowing their brand meaning, you will see the wine bottle displayed in the box with black EVA. It is a really good idea for wine packaging, isn’t it?

You may be wondering how this paper wine box closed tightly to keep the wine from being pulled out. Don’t worry, inside the paperboard, we will put two pieces of magnets to close the book.

Choose us to be your gift box supplier, I am sure you will be happy and satisfied with our quality, innovation, and service.


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