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How can e-commerce sellers attract customers through product packaging box?

  • source:product packaging box supplier
  • Time:01/05/2023

The COVID-19 has brought an impact on the global economy. During this period, more and more people choose to shop online, and e-commerce has achieved rapid growth.


We can see that many brands choose to build their own online stores one after another, and consumers also enjoy the convenience of online shopping through e-commerce. In the future, online sales and shopping will become the norm.


This is a challenge for brands accustomed to the offline sales model. In the past, customers could directly interact with products when shopping in physical stores; while shopping online, customers can only learn about your products through pictures on the screen , There is no connection point between the brand and customers.


With the continuous development of e-commerce, the product packaging box is not only a tool to protect the product. For brands, high-end packaging boxes have become the only way for brands to interact with customers. Below, we will share about how e-commerce sellers attract customers through product packaging.



  • How to design e-commerce product packaging box?


When designing a box, we need inspiration. When we are designing a new packaging box for a new brand or new product, it is very challenging. Research your favorite brands and see what attracts you to their product packaging boxes.


Whether it is packaging box design or store advertising, it can be used as a source of inspiration. But there is a principle that must be followed, not plagiarism, not too similar to the other party's design, otherwise it will reduce users' trust in the brand and affect their own brand image.


The product packaging box is an extension of the brand and the product, so when designing the box, the style needs to be consistent with the brand image.


  • Types of e-commerce product packaging


E-commerce packaging boxes are generally divided into three types: express transportation packaging, product outer packaging, and product inner packaging.


Express shipping packaging - the most common shipping packaging on the market is corrugated boxes and plastic express bags. Corrugated packaging boxes have many advantages, such as light weight, good load-bearing capacity and low cost, and are suitable for almost all products. Plastic express bags do not have the load-bearing capacity of corrugated boxes, but plastic express bags are very waterproof and cost less than express boxes. They are usually used for clothing and other products. For some products with high value and high waterproof requirements, a plastic bag can be placed outside the packaging box to protect the product.




Product outer packaging - Product outer packaging is the most important in packaging design. It not only needs to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and storage, but also consider how to attract the attention of potential users and display brand and product information through it. Commonly used materials for product packaging include grayboard paper boxes, cardboard boxes, kraft paper boxes, and so on. When customizing product packaging boxes, it is also necessary to consider whether the product needs an inner tray to fix and protect it.

There are different inner supports to choose from

Sponge inner tray

Paperboard tray

plastic inner tray

EVA inner tray




Product inner packaging - When choosing the inner packaging material, we need to consider the characteristics of the product, and then choose the appropriate material according to its characteristics. There are many types of product inner packaging. For example, in the cosmetics industry, lotions and creams are usually packaged in glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.; food is usually packaged in kraft paper bags, plastic bags, etc.; tea is usually packaged in plastic bags, aluminum film, etc.


  • How to Beautify Your Box


You can print your logo, slogan or product images and other elements on the packaging box, making it a marketing tool to deepen the impression of the brand when customers receive the package.

To transfer the creative design to the box, you need to choose the right printing process according to your product box design.

The production of packaging boxes requires different printing processes, and different processes will produce different visual effects.


Common surface treatment process

Spot color printing

Spot color printing means that a special ink is used to print the color during printing, which is more vivid than the color mixed by four colors. Commonly used are gold and silver.


CMYK printing

The so-called four colors are: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), black (K) four inks, all colors can be mixed by these four inks, and finally achieve the color effect.


Hot stamping

Hot stamping uses the principle of heat transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate to form a special metallic luster effect.


Gloss lamination and matt lamination

Gloss lamination refers to that after printing, a transparent plastic film is applied to the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase the gloss, and the surface is bright.The operation steps of matt lamination and gloss lamination are the same, but the surface is matt.



Partial glazing and brightening are required for the prominent parts of the printed matter, so that the partial pattern has a more three-dimensional effect.




  • Other tips


In addition to choosing the right printing process, you can also use some accessories to make your packaging more attractive. For example, adding a ribbon to your box will make customers feel like they are opening a gift when they receive a box with a ribbon bow.


magnetic packaging boxes with ribbon


You can also include a greeting card or promotional color paper in your box to give customers more opportunities to learn about your brand.


The above is the content about the packaging box of e-commerce products. If you want to customize the packaging box for your brand, please contact us.

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