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Classic wine packaging box custom logo wholesale manufacturer
single wine bottle packaging box
branded wine gift box
custom logo wine paper gift packaging

Custom wine paper packaging box with ribbon pull wholesale

  • Product Description:
  • This kind of wine paper box is a classic style used for a long time.They are black color with gold or silver logo printed outside and with a short histroy or slogan printed inside the lid.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-W009-A
  • Name: classic wine paper box with ribbon pull
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 12*12*25cm or custom
  • Shape: book shape
  • Usage: Wine gift packaging
  • Material: 120gsm black card laminated on 2mm gray board+ paper tray
  • Finish:silver hot stamping
  • Delivery time: 15-20days
  • Note: Any size, shape, logo can be customized



Product Name

Custom Quality Whisky Packaging Paper Box

Size L*W*H (cm)

According to customers' specific request.

Color, Shape and Logo

Customized are welcome


CMYK full color offset printing, Panton Color.


Outer liner: cardboard, coated paper, art paper,duplex paper, fancy paper, recycled paper, PU leather etc.

Inner tray: sponge, EVA, corrugated paper, kraft paper, special paper etc.


Glossy or matte lamination, varnish, UV coating, gold or silver stamping, 

spot UV, embossing, etc.


Use for Products packaging, shipping, storage, displaying.


Gift, wine, jewelry, craft, food, apparel, candy, electronic, etc.


Ocean shipping ,air transportation, express, land transportation


How to design wine packaging boxes:


Choose the right size:

The size of the wine packaging box should be determined by the size of the wine bottle. You should choose a box that is slightly larger than the bottle to ensure it fits snugly.


Choose the right material:

The material of the wine packaging box should be strong and durable. Cardboard is the most common material used for wine packaging boxes, but you can also choose other materials such as plastic or wood.


Design the box:

You can use a variety of design elements to create an attractive and eye-catching box. Consider using colors, patterns, and textures that reflect the brand and style of the wine.


Include branding:

Make sure to include the brand name, logo, and other relevant information on the box. This will help to create a strong brand identity and make the product stand out on the shelf.


Include instructions:

Include instructions on how to open and close the box, as well as any other relevant information. This will help to ensure that the product is used correctly and safely.



Customized Wine Paper Box Sample Picture Show:

single wine bottle packaging box
paper gift box for brand wine packaging
branded wine gift box
custom logo wine paper gift packaging

What are the advantages of this  wine rigid paper box?

1. Eye-catching Exterior and Interior

The black and silver logo are a perfect match to wine packaging boxes, the logo are shiny when stamped on the black background.The inside with paper board and a elastic band to solid the wine bottle is perfect idea to show your wine brand.

2. Safely Secure Bottles

If you want to store liquor bottles in a fancy and charming packaging box,you can try this classic wine box style.Glass bottles will stay secure inside the box. They will not move out of place due to the hollow design and concave corners that will hold the bottle in place.

The purpose of customizing your wine paper boxes?

1. Enhance your Brand: to personalize your own wine logo boxes is huge value for your brand promoting. Each time customer buy your wine, they will be reminded by your logo printed on the wine boxes. And when you choose one of the pantone color to your unique color, that color can be a symbolize. When people see that color, they will think of your brand. In this way you can save a large amount of money that spent on the advertisement.

Enhance your Brand

2. For Displaying: when you are intend to open a ceremony or anniversary in your company to promote your sales or introduce a new product, some quantity of special wine displaying boxes will be much helpful to achieve your purpose. The participants will be moved of your creation for the wine packaging, in the same time, will pay special regard to your new brand wine.

For Displaying

3. Protecting: When you customize your own wine packaging boxes, that means you will customize the size, color as well as the inserts. With the perfect size and insert, you no need to worry the wine bottles or glasses inside will be broken, even during the shipping time. And you can also custom the suit wine bags to pack your own wine boxes, your customer will appreciate very much of you.

What are the conditions for a qualified package?

Carton packaging is an important part of product packaging. Its role is not only to make the product beautiful, easy to sell; it also bears the responsibility of protecting the product. Which conditions do you need to meet in a qualified carton pack?
     In daily life, when the manufacturer packages the product, the package is inspected first, and only the package that has passed the inspection can be packaged. At present, the inspection of the packaging carton mainly includes: side pressure test, abrasion test, flat pressure test, adhesive peel test, puncture test and moisture test.
     The side pressure test is mainly to check whether the strength of the bracket of the carton can withstand the gravity within the range.
     The abrasion resistance test is mainly to test the maximum pressure value that the cardboard can bear evenly in a unit area.
     The adhesive peel test is mainly for checking the adhesive strength of each part of the carton; if the adhesive strength is insufficient, it is easy to cause delamination, which will reduce the compressive strength of the carton.
     The puncture test is mainly to test the energy value that the cardboard can withstand the sudden impact of external shock.
     The gouache test is mainly to check whether the water absorption capacity of the carton reaches the moisture resistance.
How about the finish process?


Our Service:

Customer with any confusion or other product quality problems can find our staff for communication and solution in 24 hours. Our company has always insisted the principle"customer is god" to provide safeguard of after-sale service and maintained good customer relationship,returned customers account for majority. We promise any quality issues of our gift boxes caused by our side can request remade or refund.

Shipping & Packaging:



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