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Black paper gift box for wine glass bottles packaging,wine paper box
custom wine gift box manufacturer
paper gift box for wine glass bottle packaging
paper wine packaging box

Black paper gift box for wine glass bottles packaging

  • Product Description:
  • This black wine paper box is used for packing small wine bottle or glasses.And it is cutted a bevel angle to show its product inside so make the box a little more special than normal styles.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-W007-AN
  • Name: black paper gift box for wine glass bottles packaging
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 22*22*20cm or custom
  • Shape: book shape
  • Usage: Wine gift packaging
  • Material: 120gsm black card laminated on 2mm gray board 
  • Finish: silver hot stamping
  • Delivery time: 15-20days
  • Note: Any size, shape, logo can be customized


In recent years, printing competition has become increasingly fierce, and exquisite printing products have emerged, making product design and printing processes more and more complicated, and the materials used are becoming more and more stressful. Gravure, offset printing, silk screen printing, UV printing, UV coating, holographic hot stamping Printing, laser aluminum foil and other technologies have come into battle, and a variety of printing technology combinations of products can be seen everywhere. With the complexity and diversification of the printing process, the requirements for inspection of finished products are also increasing. After each process has defective products (such as flying ink, knife wire, misprinting, etc.), it finally flows into the final inspection process. If all is done manually, the workload is extremely large, and it is difficult to maintain continuity by relying on human vision detection. Stability, easy to produce fatigue and missed detection, resulting in quality accidents.
According to the principle of repeatability of printing, the online defect detection system detects the printed pattern continuously through a high-speed camera and compares it with an intact reference image. When the difference occurs (this difference corresponds to the various types produced during the printing process). When the defects, such as smudges, flying ink, chromatic aberration, etc., are outside the set range, the detection system determines the occurrence of printing defects, saves the defect pattern and alarms with sound and light, and controls the labeling machine to label the defective paper. The earliest technology used for print quality inspection is the technique of comparing the standard image with the detected image. The commonly used technology is based on the RGB three primary colors.
In terms of practical use, the factors affecting the detection ability are as follows.
1. Problems with printed materials
In addition to the common white cardboard and coated paper, there are also a large proportion of transfer paper (including gold and silver cardboard, laser paper); in addition to printing, there are also post-printing processes such as plain bronzing and holographic positioning hot stamping. Its strong reflection characteristics make it difficult to detect under normal lighting conditions; and the embossed pattern also causes difficulty in detection due to low chromatic aberration characteristics.
2. Paper snake running problem caused by equipment fluctuations
During the printing process, as the tension changes and the speed fluctuates, the paper will produce a snake-like running phenomenon during the advancement process, showing different degrees of stretching in the moving direction, and different degrees of deviation in the width direction. The collection and comparison of images are difficult. At the same time, due to the poor current in the production process of the reel, the ideal template cannot be obtained. The ideal template is not perfect, and the image to be tested does not use any image restoration algorithm or alignment algorithm. The template can only be matched from the outline of the image, and the detail of the defect and the details of the material deformation cannot be separated.
3. Problems with detection accuracy
The detection system based on the camera is based on the color information of the image. If the size or color difference of the defect exceeds the observation range of the camera, the defect cannot be detected theoretically, or the Chen is not trusted. How to make the detection accuracy consistent with the company's quality standards is the main problem faced by testing equipment manufacturers.
4. Networking problems in image processing
As the observed area increases and the detection task becomes more complex, the amount of data processing increases dramatically. The printing production speed is more than 100 meters per minute, the observation area is from several meters to ten meters, and the measurement accuracy is from 0.01mm to 0.01mm. The single system cannot meet the requirements of image display, data transmission, image processing and real-time control. Multi-vision visual inspection and distributed computing have become the mainstream requirements for metrology and quality inspection in modern automated production lines.
5. The speed of image processing
The speed of processing speed is always the goal pursued by machine vision systems. Processing speed is subject to data flow, processing algorithms, and hardware architecture. In the late 1990s, after Intel introduced NSP technology, MMX instruction set and SSE instruction set, PCI bus technology and MMX/SSE technology became the key technology of the new generation image processing system, which can realize fast and low cost by using powerful microcomputer resources. Operation processing. But to achieve true real-time processing, you also need to use dedicated acquisition hardware. The parallel processing of dedicated hardware structures based on FPGA/DSP is more efficient, but the methods of data management, human-machine interface and flexibility are not as good as general-purpose hardware.
6. Post-test processing
Testing is only a means of quality management. The purpose of testing is to guide production and prevent the occurrence of continuous waste in a timely manner. At the same time, it should also provide a basis for judgment of finished products.
7. Online inspection equipment installation station problem
When conditions permit, the online inspection system can be installed on all production equipment such as printing presses, hot stamping machines, slitting machines, etc., but for most companies, it can be installed at a suitable workstation to reduce costs and Improve equipment utilization.
8. The combination of test data and enterprise production quality management system
How to establish the database within the enterprise through the network and realize the data sharing, which provides the correct basis for production management and quality control, and is the main content of the detection system data management.
These key issues are extremely challenging for the design of light sources and the processing of algorithms. The machine vision inspection system for online defect detection of high-speed prints introduced in this section can detect small prints on printed products through a unique optical system. Defects; the anti-contour detection algorithm used in the system avoids false detection caused by paper deformation; the system can perform distributed processing and centralized statistical management of image data through C/S networked parallel structure; The marking machine provides information on rejecting scrap.

Wine Gift Box Sample Picture Show:

black wine gift box with custom logo
custom wine gift box manufacturer
wine glass packaging box
paper wine packaging box
Guangzhou Huai Sheng Packaging Co.,Ltd,was located Guangzhou,China,where is very close to Port of Huangpu for ocean shipping.We are focus on custom manufacturing of exquisite manual paper gift boxes.Company founder Marine Wang personally engaged in paper packaging printing industry for over 18 years.The company covers over 5000 square meters of workshop area and has 3 websites on Alibaba. With over 10 years handmade experienced staff and technical personnel for quality control,as well 20 professional trading sales,we committed to be China’s most cost-effective quality packaging factory. Main products include custom gift boxes, wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift box, perfume gift box, chocolate gift box, jewelry gift box, corrugated mailing box,flower gift boxes,electronic packaging box,custom paper bags and etc..
For now,we have produced thousands kinds of products for clients from all over the world with different brands and designs.Including many kinds of shaped boxes used for gift packaging,such as Sliding Paper Box, Magnetic Paper Box,Foldable Paper Box, paper Box with Lids,Tube Paper Box,Hexagon Paper Box and other special shaped box requested by clients. 
With a long time experience and the advanced Germany 4&6 color printing,folding box covering machine,automatic shaping machine and other box making facilities,as well as excellent services,we enjoyed a high reputation all over the world.
Surface Finishing:




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Black paper gift box for wine glass bottles packaging

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