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Build E-commerce Brand: Importantance of Packaging

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  • Time:11/24/2023

With the rapid growth of global e-commerce, more and more merchants are selling their products on the Internet. Compared with traditional brands operating through multiple channels, it is not an easy task for e-commerce merchants to establish their brands.


An influential brand can continue to drive business growth. When talking about how to formulate a marketing strategy for e-commerce brands, many people only think of optimizing product pages, advertising, etc. These methods are only the basis for online promotion and will not make customers remember the brand. We should not ignore the customer's experience when receiving the package. When a customer opens the package and sees the product packaging, it is the first contact between the consumer and the brand.


E-commerce packaging is often a tool used to protect products and build brand image. Smart brands will turn packaging into a powerful marketing tool, and ensuring you choose the best packaging for your brand is key to creating a positive customer experience and helping your brand grow.


Why is packaging important?


Ensure product safety

If you received tattered packaging and damaged products, would you leave a negative review for this merchant? I think most people do. Using poor-quality packaging to save costs leads to customers leaving a negative image of the brand, which is not a wise choice.


Differentiate you from your competitors

The current market competition is very fierce, and unique products almost do not exist. How to create a differentiated advantage for your brand, customized packaging is a good way.


Create unforgettable brand experiences

The moment of delivery is the customer’s first impression of the brand. Merchants all hope that customers will leave a lasting and positive impression of their products. This largely depends on how attractive the packaging is. No one will remember an ordinary product. Ordinary box.


Make your brand become the focus of social media

In the era of social media, UGC is one of the effective strategies for brand marketing. Encourage your customers to share your products on social media platforms. When fans watch the KOC/KOL’s unboxing video, your product packaging will appear at the beginning of the video and be viewed by thousands of potential customers. See. If your packaging is ordinary, can it arouse potential customers' desire to buy?




Design your e-commerce packaging


Design your e-commerce packaging based on your brand positioning and product features. Good e-commerce packaging should have both brand promotion and protection functions. If you don’t know how to design your e-commerce packaging, you can seek help from a professional design agency or packaging manufacturer.


What elements should be included in brand e-commerce packaging design?


Brand Logo

Brand Slogan

Official Website

Social Media 

Important Product Information


What materials can be included in e-commerce packaging?

Paper Box

Tissue Paper

Filling (raffia/pearl cotton, etc.)


Promotional Folders/Brochures

Instructions/Usage Guide

Small gifts


Important Tips

1. The instruction manual should visually display the product usage and precautions; suggestions for layout design: pictures > text. When customers get the product and don’t know how to use it, clear pictures will be easier for customers to understand than lengthy text, which can improve customer satisfaction and deepen brand impression.

2. Print your website, email, phone number, social media account, and other brand information in a prominent position on the packaging, so that your customers can find you as soon as possible and reflect your customer service capabilities.

3. Provide your customers with services other than products, mainly to provide additional value to cultivate customer loyalty; for example, if you are a kitchen appliance brand, you can upload electronic recipes or cooking videos on your website, and change the URL Generate a QR code and print it on the card to guide customers to browse the website for cooking tips.

4. Encourage sharing cards to encourage customers to share your products on social media networks. This is one of the best strategies to enhance brand influence.


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