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Custom printed product labels and stickers

Custom printed product labels and stickers

Labels are used to identify and organize items. And it can be used to provide information such as product ingredients, instructions, warnings, or other information.

Information for products


Custom Label and sticker 




Pantone color or any colors as your request


Customer Logo / OEM & ODM is welcome

Information for Trade 


500-1000piece per style (It depends on the style and size)

Shipment port

Guangzhou of China

Lead Time

7-10 days or based on your quantity

Payment Terms

Trade Assurance, T/T, Paypal, Western union etc.

Shipping way

By DHL,FedEX, UPS,TNT or as your demand

Quality control

We take great care 100%inspection in the quality of our products.


Custom your labels and stickers

We can manufacture label and sticker according your design.Available with any color/size/style, and different material can be chosen.Contact us to discuss more details.


The applocation of labels and stickers

Labels and stickers can be seen everywhere in our lives, and they are widely used in pharmaceuticals, express delivery, daily necessities, cosmetics and other industries



Type of labels and its features


Coated Paper Stickers

Features: The surface is smooth and delicate, the printing color is smooth, and the color printing has strong reducibility, which can meet your high requirements for printing quality

Advantages: low cost, wide printing adaptability, suitable for various industries, and is a commonly used label in the current market

Disadvantages: not waterproof, not oil-proof, easy to tear. After the film is waterproof and oil-proof, it is not easy to tear

Usages: medicine, food, wine, stationery, etc.


Transparent stickers

Features: transparent PET/PVC has excellent performance and a wide range of applications

Advantages: high temperature resistance, waterproof, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, stronger scratch resistance

Performance: high transparency, tear resistance Disadvantages: pay attention to color superposition on dark surfaces

Usages: medicines, food, drinks, stationery, etc.


Offset paper stickers

Features: Rough surface, unique material, whiter than coated paper, has the same characteristics as kraft paper, can be written, often used in notepads, labels

Advantages: retro, simple and elegant, simple and elegant, deeply loved by tea, red wine, cosmetics and manufacturers

Usages: red wine, tea, cosmetics and other product labels.


Kraft paper stickers

Features: kraft paper itself has its own color, and color printing cannot show very vivid colors, but the simple design and its own texture texture have a retro color performance. The kraft paper label printed in black and white is more concise and elegant, thick and strong

Cons: not waterproof

Uses: red wine, stationery.


Masking paper stickers

Features: Tight adhesion, easy to remove, high temperature resistance, melting resistance, water resistance. Comes in natural color. Excellent consistency, strong adhesion, classic flavor

Advantages: Textured, retro, simple and elegant, upscale, simple and elegant, deeply loved by tea, red wine and cosmetics manufacturers

Uses: red wine, tea, cosmetics and other product labels.


Laser stickers

Features: Good tear resistance, high temperature resistance, stable size, opacity and chemical corrosion resistance, good waterproof, anti-fouling, scratch-resistant performance, special metal texture, widely used in many special occasions

Uses: food, electrical, hardware, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, etc. (waterproof, alkali-proof, acid-proof, hard material).

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