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Custom corrugated packaging box with tear strip for easy opening wholesale

Custom corrugated packaging box with tear strip for easy opening

Tear strip packaging is very popular in e-commerce, we can customize cartons or corrugated boxes with tear strips in various sizes.

You can print your logo and text on it, let the express box become a marketing tool for you.






Other Material

157~350gg Art Paper + Kinds of Corrugated Paper/Rigid Board / Customized

Box Shape




1) Glossy/Matte lamination

2) 2) Complete or Spot UV

3) Embossing and Debossing

4) Gold or silver foil stamping 5) Varnishing


What are packaging boxes with tear strip?


Packaging is an essential component of any product, as it protects the item during transit and storage while also serving as a marketing tool. The design and functionality of packaging have evolved, with businesses always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience and differentiate themselves from competitors. One such innovation in packaging design is the packaging box with a tear strip.


A packaging box with a tear strip, also known as an easy-opening package, is a type of packaging that features a pre-cut perforated strip or tab on one side of the box. This allows customers to easily open the package without the need for scissors or other cutting tools. The tear strip is positioned in such a way that it does not compromise the integrity of the packaging or the product inside. This feature has made it a popular choice for many businesses across various industries, including food, electronics, and consumer goods.


The Advantages of tear strip packaging boxes


One of the main advantages of tear-strip packaging boxes is the convenience they offer to customers. Traditional packaging designs often require the use of scissors or other sharp objects to open the package, which can be inconvenient and potentially dangerous. With the tear strip design, customers can easily open the package by simply pulling the tab, saving them time and effort.


Another advantage of this type of packaging box is the reduction in the risk of damage to the product during the opening process. When using a cutting tool to open traditional packaging, there is always the risk of accidentally damaging the product inside. In contrast, the tear strip design eliminates this risk, ensuring that the product remains intact and undamaged during the opening process.


Tear strip packaging boxes are also an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional packaging designs. Traditional packaging often requires the use of additional materials such as plastic wrap or tape to keep the package intact. These materials not only add to the overall cost of the packaging but also contribute to environmental waste. The tear strip design eliminates the need for these additional materials, resulting in a more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution.


In addition to these advantages, packaging boxes with tear strips are also visually appealing and can help businesses stand out from their competitors. They offer a modern and sleek look that appeals to customers and enhances the overall branding of the product. Additionally, the ease of opening provided by the tear strip design can contribute to positive brand perception and customer satisfaction.


If you want to custom packaging boxes with tear strips, welcome contact us.



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