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Corrugated Shoe Box
250gsm CCNB laminated boxes for shoes
one-batch forming corrugated shoe box
gloss lamination 4 + 0C shoe square box
shipping and mailing shoes boxes for sales

Corrugated Shoe Box Manufacturers, Suppliers

  • Product Description:
  • Corrugated shipping box is very popular among the online business owners for its cheap price and recyclable materials. We provide custom design service, so you can make it as a gift look, or just a brown kraft recyclable look. All depends on your purpose and budget.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-M021op
  • MOQ: 1000PCS
  • Color: Full color
  • Size: 35*9*9cm or custom
  • Shape: One-batch forming style
  • Material: 250gsm CCNB laminated on BE flute
  • Usage: shipping and mailing
  • Finish: Gloss lamination, 4 + 0C
  • Note: Any size, shape, logo can be customized


Sample Picture Show:


The common used materials for corrugated shipping boxes.

  • CCNB laminated on both sides of BE flute
  • 1. CCNB laminated on both sides of BE flute: It is the most popular one among the three. But it is also the most expensive one. As the CCNB is very smooth and white, it can be printed both sides with fresh colors and make the shipping boxes look like very beautiful gift packaging boxes.
  • WE flute
  • 2. WE flute: One side is white, one side is brown. You can print your design on the white side so it will look more fresh color than to print on the brown side. You can also make the white side inside or make it outside, it is up to you. It is cheaper than the first shipping box as it is used only one kind of materials and no need to make framed. This kind of mailing box looks not only fashionable but also environmentally.
  • Color corrugated
  • 3. Color Corrugated: This kind of corrugated paper its own has color, you can choose your favor color to make the packaging box, but it can not print any logo on it. Usually very less people will choose them to make their custom packaging boxes. But for special use, you make take thinking of it. This material is very hard to order when in small quantity and also it is much expensive than other corrugated paper.

How to customize your corrugated mailing boxes?

Step 1: Choose a corrugated paper box style for your products packaging.

There are normally two styles of shipping mailing box for choice. The first one with a tab hole, easy to open, the second is most popular one, pick one fittest or ask for our professional advice:

Choose a corrugated paper box style for your products packaging

( For special styles needs, please advice or get back to our Custom Service page. )

Step 2: Get an idea of your whole box design

To get a rough idea of your paper shipping boxes is very important for the beginning. You know what kind of materials you want to use and color to print on, where to put your logo. Send us the files in PDF, AI or CDR format.

Step 3: Decide if need an inner tray for your custom corrugated boxes

They are two normal corrugated paper trays, one is black, one is brown. The black one is hard to order when in small quantity and the price is a little higher than the kraft one. You can them as comparison.

  • Decide if need an inner tray for your custom corrugated boxes
  • Decide if need an inner tray for your custom corrugated boxes 02

Step 4: Confirm order quantity and get a free custom corrugated mailing boxes quote from us.


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