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Art of Packaging: The different types of packaging boxes

  • source:Angela Yin
  • Time:11/16/2023

As we all know, a good product needs good packaging to show its charm and attract customers' attention. Packaging boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and each design serves a specific purpose, from protecting the contents to enhancing the appeal of the product. If you are looking for suitable packaging for your products, then this article can help you.


Two tuck end box


The tuck-end box is the most classic type of paper packaging. The upper and lower parts of the box have the same sockets. They are die-cut, printed, pasted, folded, and finally formed. Although the structure of this type of packaging is relatively simple, it is very practical and can be used as outer packaging boxes for cosmetics, medicines, tea, and other products.

Since the production process of this type of box is simple, its advantage is that the printing price is cheap; however, the two tuck-end boxes cannot easily carry heavy items.


two tuck end boxes


Corrugated box


This kind of box is made of recyclable corrugated paper materials and is integrally formed by professional equipment. It does not require assembly, which can save processing costs.

It is mainly used for packaging some commodities of moderate size and easy to transport, such as clothing, jewelry, small electrical appliances, etc.

Corrugated boxes are widely used in the market, ranging from ordinary express packaging to high-end luxury packaging.

It is worth noting that if you want to print complex patterns or colors on your packaging boxes, corrugated boxes are not an ideal choice.


corrugated shipping box


The top and bottom box


The top and bottom boxes consist of two parts: the cover and the bottom box, which are generally used with the upper and lower parts fastened together. Mobile phones, headphones, beauty equipment, jewelry, and other exquisite products usually choose this box type, which can enhance the packaging texture and product image.

The unique opening method of the top and lid box can enhance the unboxing experience of the product.


top and lid box


Book-shaped box


This kind of packaging box opens like a book, so it is called a book-shaped box; some book-shaped boxes require magnets, patches, and other materials.

Book-shaped boxes are more delicate than ordinary packaging boxes and are mostly suitable for high-end and affordable luxury products. They are one of the options for high-quality gift boxes currently on the market.

The printing of book-shaped boxes pays more attention to technology. Hot stamping and embossing are the two most commonly used printing processes. Special processes can make the packaging look more luxurious and improve the quality of the product, but the printing cost is relatively high.


book shaped box


Drawer box


The drawer box is also called a pull-out box. It is divided into two parts: an outer box and an inner box. It can be opened by pulling, which is very convenient.

This type of packaging box has a strong structure and can protect the products inside; it is very suitable for dessert and chocolate.


drawer box


Handle box


Generally, handle boxes are usually made of corrugated paper mounted on a white card, which is one of the common types in gift packaging. The biggest feature of a suitcase is that it is easy to carry. When using this type of box, you need to pay special attention to the size, weight, material, and handle structure of the product to avoid damage during use.


handle box


Hanging tag box


Hanging tag box packaging is used for packaging batteries, stationery, toothbrushes, headphones, and other small commodities. The advantage of this type of packaging is that it is suitable for offline physical stores and is conducive to product display on shelves. The main disadvantage is that the scope of the application is relatively limited.


hang tab box


Window Box


The packaging box has a die-cut window or transparent PVC so that the product can be displayed in front of consumers more intuitively and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. It is often used for wine, food, toys, and other products.


window packaging box


Display box


We can often see this kind of display box in supermarkets and cosmetics stores. The most important function of the display box is to display products and output brand culture. The packaging of display boxes plays a very important role in the sales of goods and is a key factor in whether products in offline physical stores can attract consumers' attention.


display box


Special-shaped box


In recent years, to attract young consumer groups, more and more brands have continuously upgraded their packaging, and special-shaped boxes have become the most convenient way for brands to innovate packaging. The focus of special-shaped boxes is on the particularity of the structure and the attractive appearance. Therefore, special-shaped boxes require more creativity in design and production methods than other box types.


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