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Custom speaker box with logo | Audio packaging manufacturer

Custom speaker box with logo | Audio packaging manufacturer

  • Product Description:
  • This custom speaker/audio packaging box by Huaisheng Packaging is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. It provides excellent protection for products, ensuring it reaches the customer in pristine condition. At the same time, it carries the brand's image and message, serving as an effective marketing tool. 
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-1108-E
  • Name: Custom speaker/audio box with logo from China professional electronic packaging manufacturer
  • MOQ: 500PCS
  • Color: blue and brown
  • Size: 8.5*8.5*5cmor custom
  • Shape: book-shaped box
  • Usage: Speaker/audio, USB, phone case packaging
  • Material: 157gsmArt paper laminated on 2mm grayboard
  • Delivery time: 15-20days
  • Note: Any size, shape, or logo can be customized

Imagine a fortress. Sturdy, impenetrable, and designed to protect the treasure within. Now, picture this fortress in the palm of your hand, in the form of a cardboard box. This isn't just any box, though. It's a creation by HS Packaging, manufactured specifically for an audio brand that values protection as much as presentation.


The box is a marvel of engineering, crafted from high-quality cardboard that stands as the first line of defense against the perils of transportation and storage. It's the knight in shining armor for the delicate audio product it houses, warding off potential damage with an unyielding resolve.


The interior of the box features a die-cut EVA insert, a design choice that further enhances the box's protective capabilities. This insert is specifically designed to hold the audio product securely in place, preventing any movement that could lead to damage. The EVA insert is not only functional but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the box. It provides a snug fit for the product, ensuring excellent protection and making the unboxing experience a delight for the customers.


custom audio packaging box


Luxury audio/speaker packaging box just like a canvas that reflects the brand's personality. Bathed in colors that echo the brand's image, the box is a style statement in itself. It's the brand's voice, whispering its story to the world, and inviting customers to be a part of its journey.


The exterior of the box is adorned with the brand logo and a photograph of the product. This design choice serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it strengthens the brand's presence, making it stand out in a crowd. On the other hand, it provides customers with a clear understanding of the product contained within. The product photograph gives customers a preview of the product, building anticipation and excitement.


The brand's information, imprinted on the box, serves as the final act in this performance. It's the brand's manifesto, declaring its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This box doesn't just carry a product; it carries a promise – a promise of excellence and an unforgettable audio experience.


This packaging box is a clear demonstration of how thoughtful design and high-quality materials can elevate a simple box into a powerful branding tool. If you want to let customers leave lasting expression with your brand, consider custom electronics packaging for your products.

speaker audio packaging box

speaker packaging box

Why choose Huaisheng Packaging to be your custom electronics box supplier?

1. Popular products: here you can find the most popular paper box styles used in many industries, such as electronics, cosmetics, and  food packaging.

2. Cheapest price: As a professional packaging manufacturer in China, we have excellent hand workers and advanced machines, so we can provide competitive price for our clients.

3. Quality control: We have quality control in each process of printing, such as raw material, printing color, finish effect,sample confirmation and mass production process.

4. Design team: Our experienced designer can help you with the design and make die cut mold.Also we have product maganger who is very creative in new product packaging.

5. One stop service: we do not only supply custom gift packaging box, but can also help to arrange shipment if needed.Our cooperative shipping agent usually quote us a competitive price, and client only needs to pick up their products at port or door.

Check the below normal shipping ways for reference:

  • 1. By courier, like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc. It is door to door, usually, 5-7 days to arrive.
  • 2. By air to the air port, usually, 3-4 days to arrive.
  • 3. By sea to sea port, usually, 15-30 days to arrive.
  • If your delivery time is very urgent, we suggest you choose by courier or by air.
  • If it is not very urgent, we will suggest you choose by sea, it is very cheap.


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