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Cosmetic Box

Which brands has HS Packaging cooperated with?

As a professional cosmetics packaging manufacturer in China, we provide one-stop packaging solutions for famous makeup brands. Our company has been privileged to work with Sabon,  SK-II, FORENCOS, Ed. PinauD, Happyskin, and other global brands.


Why Custom Cosmetic Packaging for Brand?

Custom cosmetic packaging is a strategic tool for differentiation, customer appeal, and brand building, making it an indispensable component of a cosmetic brand's marketing and product strategy.We know the significance of packaging in the industry, as it protects the product and reflects the brand's values. This is why we provide various packaging options. We can customize gift boxes in any shape, such as book-shaped beauty boxes, cylinder perfume boxes, hexagon bottle boxes, magnetic essential oil boxes, etc.


Why Choose Huaisheng Packaging

Huaisheng Packaging can provide cosmetics boxes, bottles, jars, and labels, MOQ=1000 PCS, contact now and get a competitive price. We can ship worldwide.               

We can provide perfect packaging solution according to your needs and budget.

If you can’t find the cosmetic packaging you want on our website, Don’t be depressed! Just send us your requirements, and we will help you solve them.


It is more cost-effective than buying locally.



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