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Why we are more professional when making tube paper boxes

  • source:Huaisheng
  • Time:03/23/2018
As we all know, to make tube paper boxes are more difficult than to making rectangular gift boxes for its handmade part.How to make a paper tube box look perfect?We find some new solutions in dealing with some details based on years of professional experience.
1. We will die cut the surface paper into gear shape
Many other gift packaging suppliers in China still cut the surface paper into rectangular shape when making tube paper box or round box, that means,there will be some dental marks at the circle edge of covering.Some clients are very unsatisfied with these marks,they think these marks appeared very ugly on the box lid and bottom. So our production manager starts to study different kinds of ways to make them more perfect and easy to make. We already applied the patent for this packaging solution and approved.See how it works from below pictures:
2. We will use more thicker paper laminated on the top, bottom and inside to cover any dental marks
At the beginning,we will use the same thickness of paper to laminate the top,bottom and inside.No matter how hard we try to make the dental mark flat,they will show out after covered by the thin paper.So we changed the same material to thicker one,look at the cylinder box we made now, they never be so perfect before. And it is also easy to laminate the inside paper for its hardness.
3. We provide different styles for custom tube box
Tube perfume box with lid: made of rigid customized tubes laminated by different kinds of surface paper to build strong construction,inside with paper inner tray to hold the perfume bottle.It is just two piece, cover and bottom,the tube made by machine to its shape,not by hand.So it has perfect looking after finished.
Cylinder shape box for wine gift packaging:made of rigid customized tubes laminated by different kinds of surface paper to build strong construction,inside with EVA insert to protect the wine bottle.It contains three piece of structure which with a border neither on the lid or on the bottom.They can be also luxury looking.

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