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What’s new for jewelry gift packaging boxes?

  • source: Jewelry Gift Packaging Boxes
  • Time:05/23/2018

For jewelry packaging box,they not only must have the effect of protecting the goods and conveying the image of the goods, but also shoulder the function of improving the jewelry grade and added value. In order to quickly attract consumers' eyeballs, numerous jewelry brand companies are constantly trying new methods in the design of gift packaging boxes in addition to the design of jewelry. As a jewelry gift box supplier, we must know what are the new choices for our clients.

For jewelry brand, packaging design is an important part of promotion and brand promotion. After consumers buy expensive jewelry, they always want to be able to use a matching jewelry box to fill their beloved goods, both self - used and gift - giving, and a delicate and considerate care. Many people will love a brand because of their love of packaging box design. Exquisite special packaging design can also give the product a bonus.


Look at the below jewelry box set, it is open like a door which make the people who open it feel a sense of surprise. It is made of strong rigid paper cardboard which looks exquisite, the wrapping paper you can use normal art paper or fancy paper,but the most important is to reflect the value of your products. To make some decoration for your jewelry packaging is also very important.This gift box choose the ribbon which print logo or slogan on it to show its brand story.It is a high-end handmade paper gift box.


Apart from the value preservation function of jewelry, it has the function of decoration and beautification. Some packaging for jewelry can also play a display of the role of displaying, whether in the counter window, or in the buyer's home, elegant and unique packaging with enjoyable jewelry, will bring different visual experience. Take the below one for example.There designs a heart on the lid which is very special and unique compared with the normal square jewelry boxes.You can customized any insert to protect your jewelry,such as velvet bag, velvet liner or foam with flocking.


Of course you may have many other jewelry gift box designs in mind, you can choose us to be your jewelry packaging supplier,so we can create your designs into reality.

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