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Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd.

Paper bags are very common in daily life, and it is a good marketing tool for merchants.

And now more and more business would like to custom paper bag for their products.

We have many types and cases of paper bag. If you need ,plz contact us.

Today we want to show you a luxury jewelry box.

From video you can see this is a magntic box but also  is soliding box.

In the middle we will put the ring box, is it so interesting?

The round box is a common type of gift box, suitable for tea, wine, coffee and other products

Exquisite packaging boxes can attract more customers for cosmetics.

If you want to increase product sales, then you need to customize exclusive packaging boxes for your products.

We have many cosmetic customer cases, which can provide you with reference

There are many magnetic packaging box.

Magnetic packaging can protect your products.

Huaisheng is a packaging customization manufacturer with 20 years of experience.
We can customize the gift box for you according to your needs.
Various types and sizes of boxes are available, like corrugated mailing box,top and bottom box,drawer box,book-shaped box etc.

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