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Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd.

The advantages of this box

Low processing cost. Folding cartons are made of paper

Convenient storage and transportation.

Suitable for various printing methods.

Suitable for automatic packaging.

Good recycling.

This pink color shipping box is used for cosmetic or skincare products packaging.

It can be printed on both sides as well with different logo finish.

Such as gold stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV and etc. The most important is that this box is very economical.

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We can see from this video, unlike the normal folding box, this foldable box has two extra flat cardboard to open and close the box instead of glues on four angles.So it is more easy for you to assemble.

The outside of the box uses a foil stamping, which looks very delicate.

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Good tea must be matched with good packaging.

We recommend one of the popular tea boxes - 2 cans folding boxes.

The biggest feature of this box is that it can save a lot of shipping costs for flattening transportation. Even insert is flattened.

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