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5 tips to control custom packaging boxes cost

  • source:packaging box manufacturer
  • Time:04/13/2023

Custom packaging is an essential element for any business that markets its products. Bespoke packaging boxes add brand value and make a lasting impression on customers. However, the cost of custom packaging boxes can be significant, especially for small businesses. To combat this issue, knowing how to control custom packaging box costs is important. We will provide 5 tips on how to reduce the cost of custom packaging boxes.


Order in Bulk

Ordering packaging boxes in bulk can significantly reduce the cost per unit. The cost of producing custom packaging boxes is primarily based on set-up costs, including die-cutting, printing plates, and ink. When you order in bulk, these setup costs are spread across a larger number of units, reducing the cost per unit. Ordering in bulk also helps to reduce shipping costs as larger orders can be shipped more efficiently. This principle applies to any customized product.


If you have limited storage space, you can organize with your supplier for phased deliveries over several months instead of all at once. Maintain long-term good cooperation with your suppliers, and generally, the suppliers will agree to provide you with warehousing services (sometimes for free). This approach will help you take advantage of lower prices without the added costs of storing and managing large quantities of packaging. 


custom packaging boxes


Choose Simple Designs

The complexity of the design can significantly impact the cost of custom packaging boxes. Complex shapes or intricate printing can increase the cost of production. Therefore, it is wise to opt for simpler designs to reduce costs. You can choose from pre-made designs or simple printing methods like one-color printing that can still make your packaging look professional while remaining cost-effective.


Simplicity can also mean standardizing the packaging size across all your product categories. Standardized packaging sizes simplify the production process, making the production more efficient, and ultimately reducing the cost of production.


Select Cost-Effective Materials

The choice of materials used in custom packaging boxes can impact overall packaging costs. There are various options available when it comes to selecting materials, such as paperboard, corrugated cardboard, and plastic. Some materials are more expensive than others. For instance, plastic is considered to be a more expensive material and may not be the best choice for businesses looking to reduce costs. More and more countries have banned the use of plastic, and plastic packaging is being gradually replaced.


Choosing cost-effective materials like paperboard or corrugated cardboard can help reduce your packaging costs. These materials are widely available and have lower production costs. In addition, using recycled materials such as recycled paper can also reduce costs while making an environmentally responsible choice.


packaging boxes


Consider Alternative Customization Options

Customizations on packaging boxes such as embossing, foiling, or other special effects can significantly increase the cost of production. If you are looking to reduce costs, consider alternative customization options. For example, instead of embossing, you can use a simple print pattern that will still give your packaging a unique look. Instead of foil stamping, use colored ink printing to create a similar effect.


Work with a Reputable Supplier

Working with a reputable supplier can help reduce packaging costs while ensuring quality. A good supplier should provide transparency in pricing and work with you to find cost-effective solutions. They should also have a track record of delivering quality products at reasonable prices. Before cooperation, you can ask the supplier to provide some customer cases for your reference.


When choosing a packaging box suppliercomparing prices from different suppliers is important, but don't always choose the cheapest option. An extremely low quote may indicate lower quality materials or cut corners in production, which could ultimately lead to more significant expenses down the line.


In conclusion, controlling custom packaging box costs is essential for any business wishing to maintain market competitiveness. With these tips above, businesses can save money on packaging without sacrificing the brand value provided by custom packaging boxes.

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