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What are the structures for collapsible paper box?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:07/31/2018

Collapsible paper box is widely used in the packaging industry at present, and its structural form is changeable in sales packaging. As a collapsible paper box supplier in Guangzhou, we have made many custom folding boxes for clients all over the world for its lower shipping cost. Normally, there are three different structures in making.


1.Common used folding gift boxes

common used folding gift boxes

This folding paper box consists of three pieces of cardboard, the largest piece is called outer shell which can be automatically laminated on the shell machine.The other two pieces are both called side plate(ears) which will be pasted on the outer shell to make a inner box.On each corner of the ear, there will paste a triangle double-sided adhesive to make the collapsible box assembled when use it to pack product. Of course, in order to save cost or when inside has a inner tray, some clients will not request the adhesives to assemble the box, just with the magnet closure to close it will be fine. This structure of foldable box is the most commonly used for product packaging.


2.New creation collapsible gift box

collapsible gift box supplier

This kind of foldable box structure unlike the first one, it is no need to glue adhesives on the ears, but plus two pieces of paper boards inside to make the inner box assembled.These two piece of cardboard can be also foldable, so it is very convenient and flexible. When you pack the products, you can make it folded, when you are not using it, you can leave it unfolded,even for times of using. But when with adhesive,you can not make it unfolded once you have assembled it. So such collapsible gift boxes structure will be more expensive than the first one for its material usage and complex handcraft work. But I think this style will become more and more popular in the international packaging market for its reuse advantage.


3.Simple collapsible paper box

folding gift box

This kind of folding box is rarely seen in our life for its hard assembling when use. Even it is cheap, many clients are unlikely to customize such a gift box for their products packaging when considering the time cost of exploring how to build a box out of paper. With the high pursue for the quality of life, people will abandon this kind of paper box some day I think.


So if you are interest in customizing collapsible gift boxes and want to get more professional suggestions from us, you can email directly to [email protected].

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