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Plain magnetic foldable paper packaging box in stock | Gift  box for sale

Plain magnetic foldable packaging box in stock | Gift box for sale

  • Product Description:
  • Make custom gift boxes from Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging. Here you can discover unique packaging, such as heart-shaped, apple-shaped, etc. Contact us directly by email or phone on the website.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-230514-M
  • Name: Multi-size magnetic paper packaging box in stock for sale
  • MOQ: 20PCS/carton
  • Color: black/white color
  • Shape: Folding style
  • Usage: gift packaging
  • Material: 157gsm Art paper laminated on 2mm gray board + magnet
  • Finish: matt lamination, Gold/Sliver Foil Stamping
  • Delivery date: 15-20days
  • Note: Any size, shape, or logo can be customized


Luxury Magnetic Folding Packaging Box


Magnetic foldable packaging boxes are an ideal choice for businesses. They protect the product and serve as a marketing tool to attract customers and increase sales.



One of the main benefits of using magnetic packaging boxes is that they are versatile and can be used for a variety of products. They are commonly used for products that are sold online, such as cosmetics, electronics, and food products. Magnetic foldable packaging boxes are also used for trade shows and other marketing events to showcase products and attract potential customers.

They are designed to be easy to use and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The magnetic closure ensures the box stays securely closed, protecting the product.



Another benefit of these packaging boxes is that they are visually appealing and can be customized to suit the product and the retailer’s branding. They can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the product and the retailer’s needs. Magnetic foldable packaging boxes can be printed with high-quality graphics and designs, which can help to differentiate the product from competitors and increase its appeal to customers.


High quality

Our foldable paper boxes are made of high-quality materials and are designed to protect the product during transportation and storage.



Magnetic foldable packaging boxes are also popular for businesses because they are cost-effective and easy to store. They can be shipped flat, which reduces shipping costs and storage space. They are also easy to assemble, which can help to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.


Choose the folding packaging box color/size


We provide 2 colors and 6 sizes of boxes for you to choose from, choose the right size and color that suits your product.


White or Black








If these boxes are without the size you need, please contact us, we can customize them.


Custom magnetic packaging box with logo

We know that using custom packaging is important to product marketing. Custom packaging boxes with logos have become an essential part of modern-day branding and marketing strategies.


The addition of your logo to the packaging box can significantly enhance your brand recognition and recall. Your logo is the face of your brand, and by having it prominently displayed on your packaging, you can create a lasting impression on your customers. Custom magnetic packaging boxes with logos are an excellent way to strengthen your brand identity and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


For these stock magnetic packaging, we also can provide custom logo service, you can choose gold foil stamping or silver foil stamping as you like.







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Plain magnetic foldable packaging box in stock | Gift box for sale

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