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Is your cosmetic paper packaging material preferred by female friends? Look at this four aspects

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:05/05/2019

Exquisite and unique cosmetic paper packaging materials can better display the characteristics of the products to female consumers. As we know, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to be better sold. So what kind of cosmetic paper packaging material is so popular with female friends? ——The packaging proposal starts from four aspects that affect female friends' favorite cosmetics paper packaging materials.
Four factors affecting women's preference for cosmetic paper packaging materials


The color of cosmetic paper packaging materials - According to the study of human eye movements, people's response to color is the fastest. Therefore, the choice of packaging color is very important. As a professional packaging designer, you should have a blend of color contrasts to make it lively and eye-catching in the store, soft and not glaring when you buy it at home. There is a clear distinction between women's preference for color and men's. They are deeply attracted to a fascinating package. Pink is a favorite color for female friends, but as a professional packaging designer, not only does the packaging make pink, but cosmetics have light makeup and heavy makeup, so the color of the packaging should also be thick and light.


The shape of cosmetic paper packaging material - women prefer packaging that has a pleasing shape, visual characteristics, and function. It is also easy to handle, store, open, and close. The survey shows that the cover that controls the amount of product dispensed is a very important packaging feature that women appreciate. Of course, this factor is also very important. When designing packaging related to women, remember that the shape will affect whether there are positive purchasing decisions. If the shape of the product is not ergonomically ergonomic, or if it is difficult to carry or carry the package, it is more difficult to sell to female consumers.


The image of a cosmetic product - image support and often determines the audience of a product. Product image and packaging design can help target specific markets for the product, as well as specific groups of people, women, upper classes, related ages, and more.

Cosmetic paper packaging material text - a standard that affects whether women will like it is the custom and legibility of packaging text. Various recent consumption
Surveys have shown that the easy-to-read text on the product packaging can help your product get attention and the resulting purchasing behavior.


If you have any other questions or deeper insights on the above, please feel free to contact us. Of course, it is a manufacturer with experience in packaging production. It has a professional packaging design team, focusing on high-end packaging customization work. If you need to do packaging design or packaging and printing work, please call +86-020-29033950.

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