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Team development activities--Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd.

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  • Time:09/18/2018

huaisheng gift box packing company activities

On the first day of July, our company organized a team development event in a farmhouse of Zengcheng. Participants are all office staff and production managers. The purpose of this event is to let everyone relax during the 40-day PK competition, eliminate fatigue in the next work, and go all out.

As you know, from June to July, it is exactly the holidays for most foreign countries, especially for the main markets of gift box factory , such as European countries and USA. So we had a PK during this time and will try all the ways to contact clients for placing an order from our factory to achieve personal goals.Every salesman is full of confidence, high-spirited, and engaged in intense PK activities. The production department colleagues also do their utmost to ensure every gift box we made with the fastest delivery and top quality.

In this outdoor development activity, we first experienced the natural style of a farm, enjoying the touch of nature, and letting go of a nervous mood. The air there is fresh and pleasant, the trees are lush and green, and it is the best place to escape the city.

Breathing the fresh air, then we walked towards the farmland at a cheerful pace, and experienced the pleasure of picking grapes and passion fruit. There is a play area in the field where you can swing, play slides, sand, and enjoy farm animals and experience the thrill of feeding. Or, you can do nothing, just sit under the grape rack, admire the visitors’ laughter, the flowers in different poses.

After playing enough, we started to return to the barbecue to prepare lunch. Everyone has active participation, preparing ingredients, cleaning ingredients, making fire, skewers, cooking dumplings, and eating fruits picked by their hard work. Everyone's face is no longer the fatigue and tension at work, but the happy smile and the joy of self-satisfaction. The food is delicious, the fruit is very sweet, we talk about life while eating, talk about the ideal, the atmosphere is relaxed and active.

gift box factory


Of course, team building is essential for a group event. Strengthening team cohesion is crucial for the foreign trade factory of gift boxes packaging. So we have planned three small games, “say the name of the fruit”, "Shen Ma Ma" and "Beads Miles". The atmosphere at the scene was very unusual. Everyone made a variety of tricks to win the team. If you were not at the scene, you would never realize the excitement. As a bystander, you couldn’t help but want to participate.

gift packaging box

I think that through this event, we will be more confident to complete our goals, the next work will be more passionate, if you have any paper packaging boxes needs, look for us, we are definitely your most professional packaging consultant.


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