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How to grow faster for a paper packaging box manufacturer?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:10/26/2018

In today's printing and packaging industry, crises and opportunities coexist. With the intensification of industry pressure, most paper packaging box manufacturers are also facing problems such as structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the industry. In the past 2017, packaging and printing companies in the promotion of the competitiveness of the packaging and printing industry, it is crucial to see the trend, clear development foundation and goals.

So how to grow faster for a paper packaging box supplier under such circumstance?

Various styles for choosing: Companies can quickly adapt to new social needs and industry changes if you have enough product types for customers to choose from. For basic and normal packaging box shapes, such as paper box with lid,collapsible gift box,paper sliding box,magnetic gift box or round box,have a large demand in packaging industry. The factory should have the ability to produce other shaped boxes and provide customer reference services. When customers have special requirements, we can be fearless and stand out in the industry.

paper packaging box manufacturer

Promote environmental protection and produce green packaging :Green packaging can also be called pollution-free packaging and environmental friend packaging, which means that it is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated and is in line with sustainable packaging. The development of green packaging materials, the establishment of environmental protection evaluation system for packaging materials, and the promotion of packaging materials using the same material materials has become the future direction of the industry. Many foreign clients will have this request when producing their product packaging.

Customization:With the advent of new retail and Internet models, there is a growing need for customization and personalization. The core of new retail is to promote the integration process between online and offline. The key is to make the online Internet power and the offline store terminals form a true synergy to complete the e-commerce platform and physical retail. Optimized upgrade of the storefront in the business dimension. At the same time, it has promoted a comprehensive transformation from the era of price consumption to the era of value consumption.So it is very important to provide custom gift box making if you want to glow faster.

Higher quality and warm service:While ensuring product quality, intimate service is equally important. Now it is a society with rapid development of technology and network, and there is less and less face-to-face communication between people. Through the cold electronic communication equipment, how to make customers feel your hot heart and sincere service is especially important. There is a problem with the product, maybe it can be done again, but if there is a problem with the service, it is likely to make your efforts in vain and let the customer no longer trust you.

The above four tips are what our company are pursuing and doing.That is why our company has been selected as a model representative of the packaging and printing company by Alibaba and taught to representatives of major companies. The following is a video of our boss's lectures for everyone. Welcome to watch.



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