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How to customize paper packaging boxes?

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  • Time:10/12/2018

General custom packaging box we need to negotiate with the manufacturer, then what process steps are required for packaging customization?General custom packaging box we need to negotiate with the manufacturer, then what process steps are required for packaging customization?

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1,customized packaging boxes need to communicate with manufacturers,

(1)What kind of packaging does the customer need to tell the manufacturer? There are what industry is it used for, is it for a gift, wine, cosmetic or jewelry industry?Including what kind of materials and box type? General printers will ask customers if they have samples. If you have it, they can customize it according to the sample. Otherwise, you need to design it. Generally, the printing company has the design department. It should be pointed out that some manufacturers charge design fees, while others do not charge them. For HuaiSheng packaging manufacturers --- a paper packaging box manufacturer, they are full of heart and mind for their customers, so they do not charge any model design fees if you have the logo,they can provide the free die cutting with your size and logo. 

(2)How many the printing quantity need to be communicated between the two parties? How long is the delivery period? How much is the price?

(3) exchange contact information and communication plans of both parties.

(4) Design requirements


2, the contract of the custom packaging box

(1)Confirm the style, material, size, design, production time, etc.Then sign a cooperation agreement.
(2) Material selection
 Select the main material and accessories of the package according to the product's required plan. Common surface materials: art paper,silver paper,black card,fancy paper etc.Common grams of grey board:800g,1000g and 1200g etc.
(3) Printing and design prices
Calculate and determine the price based on material, quantity, printing, design, etc.
(4) Production time

sample time (5-7 days), mass production time (18-25 days).

corrugated packaging box


3, the design of the customised paper gift box

According to the provided sample boxes and design requirements, LOGO printing, and graphic and text of the products are provided. The designer will make the design on 3-5 days. The final design will be sent to you again to adjust the details and confirmation.

4, custom package sample

After confirm the design to make samples in 5-7 days then confirm that the design and quality meet the requirements.

5, mass production

Sample confirmation, as the inspection standard for mass production.Finished the mass production before delivery.

6, inspection before delivery

The customer checks the products, checks the quantity and quality, and confirms the correct then pay the balance. 

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