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How to control the costs for custom packaging box manufacturers?

  • source:packaging box manufacturer
  • Time:06/06/2018

Packaging and printing industry has entered the era of micro-profit manufacturers information, and the ever-increasing financial crisis has contributed to the survival crisis of packaging and printing companies. As a custom packaging box manufacturer, we will soon be abandoned by the times, if we keep the same management of the extensive mode of the past.In this case, a fine management control mode should be adopted in cost management. How to control the costs to maintain our competitiveness among gift packaging market?


  • 1. Increase the rate of qualified products for the final product

The passing rate of the final product represents the conversion rate from raw materials to final products in a company's production process. It is a key data development history. The higher the qualification rate, the higher the conversion rate from raw material to final product is maintained. On the other hand, it means that investing in the same raw material can produce more products than a lower pass rate, and naturally it can also create higher profits. Increasing the final product qualification rate seems to be a good idea, but it may not be as simple as the actual operation, because the final product qualification rate of any company is related to the management of this enterprise, equipment operation rate and staff technical level. Many factors, such as the quality of personnel, are closely related to the typesetting, and the improvement of the passing rate of final products within the company should also adopt a gradual development model, which cannot be accomplished overnight. So we just employ handcraft workers who has over 5 years of related experience and import brand famous advanced machines.




  • 2.Improve the utilization of raw materials

If the dimension of a paper box is just a few millimeters large which effect the use of a whole paper, we will ask the client if we can cut the dimension into a small one but which can help to save a lot of paper cost.Usually it will not affect the use of the product packaging. And clients are happy to this suggestion as well.


  • 3.Normalized operation

Standardized operations can eliminate and circumvent various bad habits in daily production, thus fundamentally avoiding the production of a large amount of waste products, and can reduce the occurrence and occurrence of hidden risks related to quality and equipment, and avoid the impact of such problems in production to produce too much useless packaging boxes, and in return have a certain role in the promotion of production.


  • 4.Guaranteed stock


In the past two years, paper has skyrocketed, for some old clients we have, in order to keep long business relationship, we do not raise the price so common, maybe once a year based our cost. What we can do is to order some paper stock in the factory which is common used for our old clients with some competitive price. So even the paper market is not stable,we do no need to worry about. That is why our rigid gift boxes buyers reorder from our factory year by year.

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