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How does the cosmetic packaging design catch the eyes of female consumers

  • source:huaisheng
  • Time:04/25/2018
In the cosmetics industry, women have always been the main consumers in the market.Everyone loves beauty, women often have a deep pursuit for the beauty.Before you deciding to customize your own cosmetic gift packaging,you should take care of the cosmetic packaging design from style to artwork. Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Co.,Ltd is a professional cosmetic gift box supplier who can provide you best packaging solutions with customization.
So how to catch the eyes of female consumers with your cosmetic packaging designs?
Firstly, you should analyze the current fashion trends according to the aesthetic psychology of women. A cosmetic packaging that meets the aesthetic requirements of women is designed to meet the aesthetic needs of women and enhance the marketing of cosmetics. There are numerous cosmetic brands on the market. How to make your products stand out in the dazzling array of products on the market is a question that every cosmetic company is thinking about. usually your packaging determines the consumer's loyalty, the design of brand packaging is particularly important, especially in the cosmetics industry.
Secondly,we should first understand the specifications of cosmetic packaging design in order to carry out creative design on this basis.
The basis is that cosmetic packaging design should focus on user experience. Vision is the main source of information for human beings. We should use the colors to give women a beautiful experience in the packaging design process. Different ages have different preferences for colors. Fully grasping this point can make our cosmetics better satisfy consumers’ pursuit of the beauty. For young female,they like fresh and lively colors which can fully reflect the vitality and health of young people.Such as the below perfume gift box on the left side. For middle-aged and elderly consumers, the color should be stable and elegant. They have higher requirements on the quality of products, and they also pay more attention to brand consumption. Therefore, if cosmetics packaging design wants to attract consumers, it must pay attention to the color design of packaging, highlighting the personality and value of women.Such as the cosmetic gift box on right side.
Last but not the least, your artwork or image designed on the packaging boxes should be connected with the box style that you decide to make. That is to say you need to consider the collocation of colors of the whole boxes but not just the part or the logo.
Full understanding of the psychological characteristics of women consumers, and packaging color design for their consumer psychology, is of great significance for improving the sales of products. As mentioned earlier, consumers of different ages have different preferences for color. Cosmetics suitable for mass consumption can meet the needs of consumers of different ages with rich colors in the same package. In a word, the color design of cosmetic packaging should not only give women consumers the feeling of beauty, but also bring them rich associations about personality and value. And our custom gift box factory can create all your imagination into reality.

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