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How to design presentation folders

  • source:presentation folder design
  • Time:10/20/2023

Presentation folders are a kind of mobile advertisement promoted through paper media, and it is also a kind of promotional material often used offline. Using folder pages allows the content to be displayed clearly and comprehensively. It is between a leaflet and a brochure. It is richer and can contain more information than a leaflet. It is also simpler and cheaper than a brochure. 


folders layout design is a visual transmission method with unique personal style and artistic characteristics. It not only transmits information but also creates aesthetic feelings in the senses. Simply put, folder layout design is the process of first clarifying the theme content, and then creating layout and content around the theme. The following principles should be followed.


Clarity and readability

The goal of folder layout design is to highlight the theme through a reasonable layout and achieve the best publicity effect. It is particularly important to seek a reasonable visual language to make the layout design better serve the text content. The text content should be able to meet the needs of readers to the greatest extent, and the pictures and text content should be accepted by readers.


The readability of the folder layout determines whether readers can accurately identify the text content. The layout design should avoid being complicated and dazzling the readers. At the same time, the text content should be placed in the corresponding position, the size should be moderate, the order and position of the primary and secondary should be paid attention to, the title should be highlighted, and important information should be centered.


To give the layout a sense of rhythm, the designer should ensure that each part of the content is placed correctly instead of being mixed. He should also consider the spacing, line spacing, and distance between paragraphs, and avoid using more than three types of fonts to make the layout look good. It looks more natural and harmonious.


presentation folder design


Art and Decoration

Exquisite folder layout design can attract readers' attention and stimulate readers' interest in reading. Since the promotional folder space is very limited, the layout design must be concise, abandon crowded and complex layouts, and focus on the decorative nature of the layout. Generally, a symmetrical structure is adopted to form a more rigorous, simple, and dignified style.


The decoration of the layout should consider how to achieve novelty and beauty. Metaphors, exaggerations, and symbols are often used to express the visual effects of graphics. The illustrations in the promotional folders are to better explain or display the text content. They not only beautify the layout but also provide the function of conveying information.



Originality is essentially an element that highlights individual characteristics, and a distinctive theme design is the soul of the layout. When designing the layout, innovative and unique designs make the layout more personalized and unique, which can win the favor of readers.


The presentation folders layout design should be lively, and try to incorporate some interesting elements to arouse readers' interest. If there is no exciting content in the layout information, you can use exaggeration to make it more interesting. You can also use pictures, tables, etc. to express it to help readers better grasp, understand, and remember.


To improve readers' interest in reading, the age and gender characteristics of the target group should be carefully considered and different elements should be used in the design. For example, promotional folders for children's products can use some combination of parent-child interaction pictures to make the blunt product information lively and vivid, and also make the layout unique and more attractive.



The perfect layout design must be consistent with the theme, which is the basis of the design. If you only emphasize the design expression and ignore the content, or emphasize the content and ignore the artistic expression, this kind of presentation folder design will be unsuccessful. Only by reasonably unifying the content and design and strengthening the structure and overall layout can the artistic value of the design be realized.


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