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How can you design a new perfume gift box to attract consumers?

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  • Time:08/31/2018

Perfumes are a delicate stuff and you need equally delicate custom packaging. Be very careful while ordering perfume gift boxes as I am sure you want the best return on your investment.

Throughout the ages, perfume has always played romantic magic in men and women. It is not only an odour, but also a representation for different qualities and tastes of everyone. It comes from nature and exists because of "beauty". It develops with technology and breaks through continuously. It is the endorsement of fashion and leads the contemporary trend. And with the development of the times, the perfume packaging has also produced great changes, which directly affect people's understanding of the perfume and the desire to buy it.

bespoke gift boxSo for perfume brand companies, it is very important to know how to design the new perfume gift box to attract consumers. Today we will discuss some points of hope that can help you.

Firstly, we should make a market survey to investigate the social supply and demand situation of the perfume type, and obtain the design feasibility analysis.

Secondly, analyze the old packaging of the perfume box and investigate the factors of unsalable packaging.

Thirdly, investigate the perfume packaging of five competitors and get a design breakthrough to highlight your uniqueness.

Last but not the least, to find a professional bespoke gift box supplier who can make your design imagination into reality.

What should be paying attention to when making the custom design?

Clear and accurate positioning: According to the characteristics of the perfume itself, the general orientation of the design for specific consumer groups.

You should consider if your design is matched with the box style you choose. And to estimate or check the price if this custom perfume packaging within your budget. About the insert, is that suitable for displaying or shipping?

Do you need a smart packaging solution for your perfume product range? We design, manufacture, supply the attractive perfume gift box. If you want to know more popular perfume gift box style, follow us and we will update more knowledge for you.

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