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The Importance of Color to Cosmetic Packaging Box

  • source:The Importance of Color to Cosmetic Packaging Box
  • Time:12/19/2022

As a characteristic element of product nature, color is a direct reflection of aesthetic feeling, which is easy to cause people's emotional reactions and changes. Therefore, in packaging design, color layout design should be cited. People divide colors into warm colors and cold colors. Warm colors are mainly pink, orange and red, which will give people a warm feeling; Correspondingly, the cold colors are mainly blue, green and gray, which easily lead to a quiet psychological feeling.


cosmetic paper box


From the level of color tone analysis. In cosmetic packaging box design, hue is the dominant color of a group of colors in the picture.


In the process of cosmetics packaging box color design, designers can also use different forms of color matching, such as color contrast, continuous color, theme color, etc. Among them, color contrast refers to the choice of two colors with strong contrast effect in packaging design, which can be used to match warm colors to cool colors or dark colors to light colors. This sharp color contrast can highlight the main elements of the design, thus making the entire package more vibrant and dynamic, attracting consumers' attention.

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