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Color Selection in Cosmetic Packaging Box Design

  • source:Cosmetic Packaging Supplier
  • Time:12/12/2022

Due to the great differences among consumers, cosmetic packaging should meet the aesthetic requirements of different consumers, so the requirements for cosmetic packaging are also different.


Color and age


People of different ages have different feelings about color. With the increase of age, people's love of color will change greatly. Research shows that as children grow into adults, their favorite color also changes from warm color to cold color. The corresponding children's skin care product packaging colors generally use red, yellow, orange and green warm colors, while the adult cosmetics packaging can break through the tradition and boldly use colors to keep up with the trend.




Color and Gender


Consumers of different genders have different feelings for different colors. Due to different genders of consumers, different colors are used for the outer packaging of the same brand of skin care products. For example, the outer package of a brand of men's moisturizing cream is black, while the outer package of the brand of women's moisturizing cream is relatively elegant white.


Generally speaking, men's skin care products mostly use cold colors with higher purity, such as gray and black, while women's skin care products relatively prefer warm colors with lower purity, such as pink and white. In addition, women are more susceptible to color, while men are more receptive. Therefore, women's cosmetics packaging should pay more attention to the use of color. Product packaging with appropriate color will have a stronger appeal to women, thus stimulating their strong desire to buy.




Color and region


Due to different local customs, people's education and religious beliefs, the connotation of culture is different. It is also necessary for designers to master national color taboos when designing cosmetics product packaging.


Popular colors are the product of multiple cultures. With the change of the times, different colors can resonate with people's physiology and psychology. Cosmetic packaging designers can also adjust the color according to seasonal changes and popular trends, but before designing the packaging, they must carry out full investigation, and must not arbitrarily adjust the color. At the same time, they must consider the sensitivity of consumers in the sales area to use the color, so that the color designed can effectively attract local consumers.

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