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What types of wine packaging boxes can be customized

  • source:wine packaging builder
  • Time:12/01/2022

Wine is a very popular product all over the world, many regions have wine culture, and wine products have social attributes, and wine is indispensable in many social occasions. As a part of the image of wine products, the quality of the packaging will affect the decision-making of consumers to a certain extent. This article will introduce you to the common styles of wine packaging box customization.


  • Book-shaped box

This is a more common style in the customization of wine packaging boxes, similar to a book, and is a square packaging box with an upward flip. The reason why this kind of packaging box has a wide range of applications is that it is convenient for transportation and takes up less space. And this kind of packaging box is more convenient to open, and the overall design is more beautiful.




  • Folding box

Unfold the box and the folded box becomes a piece of cardboard. The advantage of this type of packaging box is that the structure is relatively simple, and more importantly, it can be pressed into a sheet shape when not in use, which saves storage space and transportation costs to a large extent.




  • Cylindrical packing box

When it comes to this type of packaging, many people think of red wine gift boxes for the first time. In the packaging design of red wine, cylinder packaging is more widely used than other types of packaging. The cylindrical packaging box is more beautiful, but it also has disadvantages, mainly because it is inconvenient for transportation and storage, and it takes up a lot of space.




In the customization of wine packaging box, what kind of packaging box should be selected should be designed according to the characteristics of the wine product. The first principle is the unity of practicality and beauty. In addition to the above common packaging boxes, there are also some special-shaped packaging boxes, drawer boxes and so on that are full of design. To learn more about the customization of packaging boxes, please visit the official website of Huaisheng.


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