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What is the material of Jewelry gift box? How to choose the jewelry box?

  • source:Jewelry Gift Box Supplier
  • Time:05/11/2022

People are not strange to the jewelry gift boxes, especially the girls. People need to consider many factors when choosing a jewelry box, such as the material. Which one is better about the material of the jewelry box? Today Huaisheng packaging will give you the answer as follows.




一. What is the material of the jewelry gift box?


1. Flocking high-grade jewelry box

A lot of people like the flocking high-grade jewelry box, which is the most used jewelry box for storing the gold and silver jewelry box. The flocking boxes use the plastic material as the main structure, the surface is flocking. The flocking box looks very beautiful, and high-grade, which is very light to take. The flocking box is mostly used in the silver and gold products. No matter big or small, the flocking box are both loved by people.


2. High-grade wooden jewelry box

A lot of people also like the wooden high-grade jewelry box. Actually the wooden high-grade jewelry box is a very special box, now the price of the wooden high-grade jewelry box is very cheap. But the quality of the wooden jewelry box is good, which has adopted the rosewood mainly. Sometimes the high-grade jewelry box has used the wooden, therefore it’s a good choice for storing the gold and silver products by using the wooden high-grade jewelry box.


二. How to choose the jewelry box?


1. Choose the jewelry box according to the jewelry

Before we choose the jewelry box, you’d better see the quality of the jewelry, types, material hardness, design size etc.. If you have a large amount of jewelry, you’d better choose a large capacity jewelry box. The jewelry box can be divided into several compartments according to the categories. If there are more rings, there will be more ring pads; if there are more necklaces, there will be more hooks; if there are more bracelets, there will be more compartments, it’s very convenient for us to store and use the jewelry.


2. Choose according to the daily needs

The selection of the jewelry box should also pay attention to the daily needs. If we often go on business trips, or like travelling, it’s essential of the portable jewelry box or jewelry bag. If we like to take off the jewelry before going to bed, we can put a small jewelry box on the nightstand. It’s distinguishing to buy the jewelry box for the different habits and usage. It’s better to satisfy the daily needs.


Therefore, the selection of the jewelry box should pay much attention to the relevant factors, such as, the jewelry number, type, material hardness, style size and so on. If you have more quantity and types of the jewelry, it’d definite to have a large capacity jewelry gift box. 




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