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Luxury round box with lid for clothing | Custom apparel packagingc

Luxury round box with lid for clothing | Custom apparel packaging

  • Product Description:
  • Our high-quality round boxes with lids that will help protect your products and showcase your brand's image. Many different styles and sample prototypes are available here. Personalize your clothing gift boxes to promote your business.
  • Basic Information:
  • Item No.: HS-1012-R
  • Name: Luxury round hat box with lid for clothing
  • MOQ: 500PCS
  • Color: Purple or custom
  • Size: 5*5*18m or custom
  • Shape: Round box shape
  • Usage: Clothing gift/product packaging
  • Material: Gray board
  • Finish: Gold stamping/matt lamination/UV
  • Note: Any size, shape, or logo can be customized


HS Packaging is a leading manufacturer of high-quality packaging solutions, including round boxes with lids and cylinder boxes. Our products are made from sturdy paper or cardboard materials and are available in brown or white kraft/cardboard. The thickness of our boxes varies depending on the format, with options ranging from 600 to 1,400 gsm. We also offer a range of lamination options, including gloss and matt, to further enhance the appearance and durability of our boxes.


One of our most popular product lines is our luxury round boxes with lids, which are commonly used for fashion industry applications such as clothing storage and gift packaging. These round boxes are designed to look festive and elegant, making them an ideal choice for fashion brands looking to create a premium image for their products.


At HS Packaging, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customization options to ensure that our round boxes with lids meet the specific needs of our clients. For example, we can produce round boxes with partitions inside to help secure and separate different types of clothing or accessories. This feature is particularly useful for fashion brands that sell a variety of products or need to organize their inventory in a specific way.


In addition to our standard round hat box design, we also offer larger sizes that are perfect for displaying clothing in shop windows or showcasing entire collections. Our high/large round boxes are made from the same sturdy materials as our standard round boxes, but with a slightly larger footprint to accommodate larger items. These larger boxes are also available in a nest option, which allows for easy stacking and transport when space is at a premium.


round hat box with lid


When it comes to choosing the right material for your round hat boxes, there are several options available at HS Packaging. Our brown kraft/cardboard material is popular for its earthy, natural tone and eco-friendly properties. Alternatively, our white kraft/cardboard material provides a clean and modern look that is suitable for a wide range of fashion brands. Both materials are strong and durable, ensuring that your round boxes with lids will hold up well over time.


We provide optional finish options for luxury round boxes to make your packaging more attractive. Gloss lamination provides a high-gloss finish that makes your boxes look more polished and professional, while matt lamination has a softer, more subdued appearance that is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. By choosing the right finish option for your boxes, you can get the ideal packaging you want.


We also offer customization options to help businesses create truly one-of-a-kind packaging solutions. Whether you need smaller or larger sizes, different partition configurations, or custom colors and logos, we can work with you to create packaging that meets your exact specifications. With HS Packaging, you can be confident that your luxury round boxes with lids will meet your functional needs and reflect your brand's unique style and personality.


If you are in the fashion industry and looking for high-quality packaging that will help protect your products and showcase your brand's image, look no further than HS Packaging. 

custom round box

luxury round box with lid



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