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What is brochure? How to design brochure

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  • Time:01/01/0001
Brochures are one of the advertising media used by enterprises to promote their own culture or product features, and they are classified as printed matter. Based on the corporate culture and marketing strategy, the graphic designer rationally arranges the structural relationships of the printed matter and the visual relationship of the picture elements to achieve the purpose of widely advertising the corporate brand and products.

Categories of brochure

For different purposes, brochures can be roughly divided into corporate image brochures and corporate product brochures.
The corporate image brochure usually reflects the company's corporate spirit, corporate culture, corporate development positioning, corporate nature, etc. The focus is on the image first and the products second.
The focus of the company's product brochure is to reflect the functions, characteristics, uses, services, etc. of the product. It is designed based on the company's industry positioning and product characteristics, and the style of the product is positioned, whether it is simple and elegant, fashionable, etc.

Brochure design process

Professional brochure design process and workflow can ensure the quality of brochure design. It is roughly divided into five parts: market research, design positioning, image performance, image promotion, and effect evaluation, which are introduced in turn below.
Market research.
Market research includes consumer research, brand awareness, loyalty, competitive product research, product lines, product mix channels, advertising and promotions, overall performance research, etc.
Design positioning.
With culture, art, society, and life as the background, the market as the goal, and consumer psychology as the guide, we choose different expression methods and strategies. Design positioning specifically includes design ideas, design style, and budget.
Image expression.
Determine the design expression method of the product based on the strategy, make different creative styles, and find the best expression method for the finished product in terms of material, size, printing process, etc.
Image promotion.
After market analysis, research, design, and final confirmation of direction, specific brand promotion will be carried out, such as media planning, advertising terminal placement, etc.
Effect evaluation.
Collect samples and customer feedback from the market for analysis and evaluate the design effect. Learn more about customer needs for products and formulate more reasonable plans for the future.

Expression techniques for brochure design

When it comes to the presentation of brochures, different presentation methods and strategies should be selected based on the background of culture, art, society, and life, with the market as the goal, and consumer psychology as the guide.
Focus on shaping product image.
This type of method emphasizes the unique functions and beautiful shape of the product as a breakthrough and with the text description and layout design to create a pleasing product image. Use product images as the theme images of the brochure for display, supplemented by simple text and artistic images as foils.

Build the brand

From developing a single type of product to establishing a brand image, and using the brand image to launch a series of products to consolidate the brand's market coverage, the purpose is to transfer the audience's recognition of the product to trust in the brand, thereby generating a wider market development effect.
Generally, the brand image and product introduction can be divided into two parts for introduction. For example: the first half of the brochure explains corporate culture and business philosophy. The latter part is used as a detailed introduction to the product.
Interesting expression method.
Some fashion and children's products have more room for expression in conception and use more techniques, such as freehand brushwork, illustration, animation, humor, and other techniques. The conception is clever and the effect is very obvious. Graffiti, hand-drawn illustrations, and other techniques are used to make the brochure more interesting.

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