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Do you know the corrugated mailing box processing technology?

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:05/30/2022

The corrugated mailing box processing process includes all the processes of making corrugated cardboard into corrugated boxes. Usually, the corrugated cardboard is cut, horizontally pressed, printed, slit, longitudinally pressed, and joined according to the design process. To accomplish these processes, many different machines can be used, and there are many different combinations of processes. This article explains it in detail.


1. Cut off and press line

The first process of making corrugated mailing boxes is cutting and crimping. For semi-mechanized stand-alone operation, cutting and crimping are performed separately and by the cutting and crimping machine. But for continuous mechanized production, this process can be carried out on the corrugated board production line.


2. Slotting

Grooving is generally carried out immediately after the longitudinal crimping line, and the same machine is used, that is, the cutting crimping machine (commonly known as the punching machine). The functions of this machine are longitudinal crimping, transverse cutting (cutting at right angles to the board input direction), grooving (die cutting), and then right-angle cutting of carton joints. In production, printing punching machines or folding gluing machines are also used, which are equipped with a slotting mechanism. The principle of grooving is the same as that of the cutting and crimping machine.


3. Printing

The printing of corrugated cardboard usually uses letterpress printing, gravure printing, offset printing and screen printing. The most widely used is letterpress printing. However, for E-type corrugated cardboard, because it is used for inner packaging, it is required to print a slightly more beautiful pattern, and plastic letterpress printing can no longer be satisfied. It is necessary to use pre-cut cardboard (panel) of a certain size to print on a single board or gravure, and then combine with corrugated core paper. Or another method of paper bonding.


4. Joining

There are three bonding methods for corrugated boxes: staple bonding, adhesive tape bonding and adhesive bonding. Among the three bonding methods, the bonding strength of adhesive bonding is the highest, the bonding strength of adhesive tape bonding is the second, and the bonding strength of nailing method is the lowest. The three joining methods are quite different, and should be reasonably selected according to the characteristics of the contents, the type of corrugated cardboard and the batch of production.


1)  Nail method

Nail method is a kind of box joint method that is widely used in the country at present. Metal nails are used for stapling along the center line of the overlapped part. Its joint strength is the lowest among the three joint methods, because the joint part of the box body is seriously damaged after stapling, and each nail hole is subjected to extrusion stress during the compression process of the carton, which seriously weakens the joint strength of the carton.


2) Adhesive tape joining method

The adhesive tape joining method is to use an adhesive tape with a width of not less than 60mm. On the outside of the carton, the bonding ridge line of the carton interface is used as the center line for the bonding strength of the adhesive tape joining method. Affected by the strength of the corrugated cardboard, there is no damage to the joint part of the carton. Moreover, the adhesive tape joining method does not need the lap joint structure, which is more neater than the adhesive joining and stapling joining carton, and saves cardboard material, and it is easy to ensure the internal size of the carton and facilitate the loading of goods.


3) Adhesive bonding method

The adhesive bonding method is to use adhesive to stick the overlapping part of the carton box. The adhesive used is mostly polyvinyl acetate emulsion. The adhesive bonding method requires that the adhesive has good initial viscosity and is stable to changes in temperature and humidity. The productivity of carton bonding is high, the cost is low, and the bonding strength is not affected by the strength of corrugated cardboard.





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