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The Eco-friendly and Creative Coffee Packaging Solution

  • source:packaging box manufacturer
  • Time:08/25/2023

A coffee pods is pre-ground and encapsulated coffee powder, usually placed in a small plastic or aluminum pods. Each pods contains all the ground coffee needed to make one cup of coffee. This design makes the coffee making process very simple and fast, just put the pods into a special coffee machine, and the coffee machine injects hot water into the pods under high pressure to extract the coffee.


In recent years, convenient and quick coffee podss have sparked a trend due to their unique convenience. However, at the same time, environmental problems caused by coffee podss have gradually surfaced. According to statistics, billions of coffee podss are thrown away every year. Because these coffee podss are often made of hard-to-degrade plastic, this has become a global environmental problem.


However, innovations are always born out of problems. A Swiss company called CoffeeB has developed a new type of coffee pods with its unique innovative thinking. This coffee pods does not contain any aluminum and plastic components from the packaging to the product itself.




It's a compressed coffee grind ball encased in a clear, odorless seaweed coating. When the coffee ball is put into the machine and starts to work, the seaweed coating will be soaked and softened by water. As the machine squeezes and breaks the shell, the coffee liquid is slowly extracted.


Also, unlike plastic coffee pods, the pods are 100% compostable, meaning they can fully biodegrade within a month when thrown in the garden or yard after use.


The outer packaging box of the coffee balls is also very unique and cute. It uses a recycled plant fiber molded box, each box can hold 9 coffee balls, the retail price is about 5 US dollars, and there are eight flavors to choose from. However, this coffee ball is only compatible with B Globe machines, which brings certain consumption limitations.


At present, for the coffee industry, coffee pods products have a huge consumer group. For this reason, many companies are committed to making some environmentally friendly alternative products. In the future, with the increasing acceptance of consumer groups and the awakening of environmental awareness, deplasticization of coffee podss will inevitably become a trend.


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