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Corrugated mailing box processing process: printing - molding - bonding

  • source:Cindy
  • Time:05/25/2022

Corrugated mailing box is one of the most widely used packaging products, and its usage has always been the first of various packaging products. In addition to protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, it also plays a role in beautifying and promoting commodities. Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly products, which are conducive to environmental protection and loading, unloading and transportation. So, do you know how corrugated boxes are made? What is the corrugated box processing process? Let's explore together.

Corrugated box processing

1. Purchase base paper and corrugated paper first


Cardboard boxes are made of cardboard. Everyone knows that, so do you know how cardboard is made? The base paper and corrugated paper are machined together. Some factories have strong production capacity, and can also directly purchase wood to produce their own base paper, which is the kind of big kraft paper roll. The general carton factory directly purchases the cardboard to make the carton, and the second-level carton factory processes the cardboard by itself, which saves costs.


2. Make cardboard as required


Why do you want to make it on demand? The base paper is also good or bad, and the gram weight is different. Of course, the most direct distinction is the price. Corrugated paper is also divided into three types: A, B, C, and corrugated paper refers to the wavy paper sandwiched in the middle of kraft paper, with high and low corrugation. At the same time, the carton has three layers and five layers. Three layers means that there is one layer of corrugated paper, and five layers means that there are two layers of corrugated paper.


3. After the customer places an order, calculate the area and price


Let's take an ordinary carton as an example. As long as we know the length, width and height of the carton, we can calculate the area, but when calculating the total length, we need to calculate an extra glued part of 2-3 cm. It depends on requirements within the company. [(length+width)*2+30]*height*price per square. The high refers to the whole height of the carton, including the height of the upper and lower flaps. This is the selling price


Four, carton processing


The production and processing of corrugated mailing boxes can be realized through single-machine processing or through continuous assembly line production. Single-machine production of corrugated boxes, using multiple equipment to complete each process, the semi-finished products need to be transported multiple times between processes, the production efficiency is low, and the processing quality is poor. The continuous production of corrugated boxes is completed on the linkage machine. The linkage machine can complete multiple processes such as two-color printing, paper separation and line pressing, slotting, corner punching, etc. produced by a single machine at one time, and can produce various special-shaped cartons. High production efficiency and good processing quality.


Whether it is stand-alone production or continuous production, the forming and processing of corrugated boxes must go through the following steps:


1. Separating and pressing line


Paper separation refers to cutting the corrugated cardboard according to the required specifications of the carton blank, which is completed by several pairs of longitudinal circular cutters. In order to bend the corrugated cardboard at a predetermined position accurately and ensure the accuracy of the size of the carton after forming, the corrugated cardboard must be pre-pressed. The crimping line is divided into vertical and horizontal. The longitudinal crimping line refers to the crimping line parallel to the corrugated cardboard to limit the width and height of the cardboard, which is mostly done on the printing slitting machine. The horizontal pressing line is to realize the bending of the flap.


In stand-alone production, the paper separation and line pressing are done together on the paper separation and line press machine, while in the linkage line production, the transverse line pressing and paper separation mechanism are generally set before the corrugated board cutting mechanism.


2. Slotting, corner cutting, punching and printing


Slotting refers to cutting out a slot on the corrugated cardboard so that the upper and lower flaps can be folded smoothly; corner cutting refers to cutting out the nail interface; some cartons also need to punch out ventilation holes or holes in the cardboard for ventilation and heat dissipation or easy handling. Portable hole; printing is to mark the text and pattern on the outer surface of the corrugated box.


When a single machine produces corrugated boxes, the above processes are carried out step by step. First, printing is carried out, and then it is sent to trimming, grooving, and corner cutting. Punching is completed with the help of a die-cutting machine. With the advancement of the carton manufacturing process, most carton factories use printing and slotting machines to complete the printing, slotting and corner cutting, trimming and crimping of carton production.


3. Die cutting


At present, in addition to the regular hexahedron shape, corrugated mailing boxes also have various special-shaped packaging boxes. Die-cutting can be used for punching or forming special-shaped cartons.


4. Joining


The last link of carton production is to join the formed carton according to the designed box shape and join the box boards to make a container. The method and quality of the joining will affect the appearance quality and compressive strength of the carton.


There are three ways to join the carton: nailing, bonding and tape attaching. Nailing is to use iron wire to nail the two overlapping ports of the carton together, which is generally done with a foot-operated nailing machine or an automatic nailing machine. Gluing is the use of adhesive to join the cartons together. This process can be done on a folding gluing machine using 50% polyvinyl acetate latex as the adhesive. Another way is to use tape to connect the carton interface. A tape feeding, cutting and bonding device is attached to the gluing machine to complete the tape bonding of the carton.


Nailing, bonding and tape bonding have their own characteristics. The equipment for nailing is the simplest, but the production efficiency is low and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The latter two joining methods require new equipment, which has good processing quality and high efficiency. In particular, bonding has better appearance quality and internal strength than nailing, and the cost is moderate. It is a widely used bonding method at present.


5. Packing


After the carton is formed, depending on the size of the carton, wrap it in bundles of 5 or 10 with packing tape and set it aside. Now there are automatic or semi-automatic balers for packing, which can be said to be simple and convenient.



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