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Why are custom paper bags becoming more and more popular

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:02/16/2019

Paper bags--Practical environmental protection concept The reason why custom paper bags can have this market is inseparable from the development of society, and the national policy is also relevant, because now every industry is paying attention to environmental protection, the concept of environmental protection has been Deep into the hearts of the people, and the paper bag is the best insinuation of this concept, so many people are willing to use paper bags to travel as an act of practicing their environmental protection concept. In fact, no matter whether it is the form or the real sense of environmental protection, the paper bag has nothing to do. The question can definitely be environmentally friendly, the original intention is not important, it is important to achieve the effect of environmental protection.


Nowadays, the production style of paper bags is also increasing. In fact, this is another way to encourage people to be environmentally friendly. The style of paper bags is too single, and the style of plastic bags is more fancy. People like to take beautiful plastic bags, but people like to take beautiful plastic bags, but Nowadays, the style of paper bags can also satisfy people's pursuit of appearance, so people no longer smash between the two because of some factors of appearance. What really makes paper bags in people’s minds is the issuance of some environmental protection policies such as China’s green environmental protection and “ban plastic orders”. The paper bags have created the market, because people buy plastic bags are no longer free, this is another One aspect has prompted people to use paper bags, because this has become both environmentally friendly and economical, and they are both willing to do. Nowadays, the packaging of many food paper bags is also very beautiful in appearance design. Some children's food packaging will have some cute and cartoon animated characters on the outer packaging. Moreover, in some shopping malls where young ladies are shopping, when buying clothes and shoes, the merchants will also improve some of the paper bags that look good. External factors, coupled with some changes in paper bags, have made its market prospects even broader.

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Paper bags - easy to travel Green shopping Why is the country always encouraging people to carry paper bags instead of plastic bags when they travel? This is naturally related to some of the advantages of paper bags. In summary, it can be said that with the deterioration of the environment and the aggravation of white pollution, it is imperative to do environmental protection. Among many sources of pollution, plastic bags are one of the most serious sources of pollution for our sustainable development. Paper bags have become an important measure for people to alleviate this problem.

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What benefits can paper bags bring to us? First of all, compare it with plastic bags. The paper bag is less polluted. Compared with plastic bags, the paper bags are non-polluting and can be reused. The plastic bags are seriously polluted and cannot be reused. The pollution is serious and harmless to the body. Now there are many on the market. It is very unhealthy for people to choose plastic bags to carry things, because plastic bags are very harmful to the body, and the use of paper bags guarantees our health and safety. These are all related to the health of the human body and nature. Although it is undeniable that plastic bags are also very convenient, in the era when the environmental protection concept is so high, there is no market for the items that pollute the environment, and it is not As well as the public's psychological support, even if the plastic bag has been innovated, that is, its degradable time is shortened, but it still can't shake the environmental protection status of paper bags. The country is now calling for people to travel with paper bags when shopping, because it is environmentally friendly and saves resources. The custom paper bag industry should do a good job of manufacturing better quality and more environmentally friendly products.

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