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Where to buy electronic packaging box?

  • source:Electronic Packaging Box
  • Time:05/25/2018

Electronic products have always been an indispensable part of society, whether before or now. Looking at the present, all kinds of electronic products are exquisite and varied. The greater the market demand, the more manufacturers produce, and the greater the demand for packaging of electronic products. To break the traditional packaging thinking and achieve the purpose of improving sales, the design of electronic packaging box must be unique. Not only the appearance is exquisite, the internal structure also meets the characteristics of electronic products, and plays the role of protecting products and transporting products.

Where to buy electronic packaging boxes? Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging is the best choice for it is a professional custom electronic packaging box supplier in China. Below are some sample boxes we have made for your reference.


1.Magnetic paper box style


This rigid paper box is the most popular style for electronic packaging. With magnet to close the flip make the box easy open.Inside will use EVA,PVC,foam to protect the products. As you know, China is one of the largest countries who manufacture the electronic products in a large quantity and sell them all over the world. So there will be a high demand for electronic packaging. The buyers in order to save time and money, they will order electronic packaging boxes from China, at the same time, order packaging boxes from China, and assemble them only ship his own country for sale. For paper packaging box suppliers, it is a good challenge.


2.Paper box with lid style


For electronic product packaging, this base and lid style is the most common made for its cheap price. But it can also be made a luxury look with creative printing design. Like this red sample box, it is a new creation for electronic products with the EVA layer to hold its main product and the under blank space to put the accessories. It can save a lot of space considering the high shipping cost.


3.Paper sliding box with sleeve


For some small electronic products packaging, to pack with this kind of cheap rigid box is very economic. But it is not a better choice for shipping. This kind of paper sliding box is made of rigid structure inside but with a single layer sleeve outside to show its printing design. But it very easy for open. If you just have a tight budget for the start, it’s a nice try of customizing this paper packaging.

Of course, there are many other paper box styles for electronic products packaging, such as corrugated mailing box, Buckle bottom box,etc. If you want to see more samples, you can feel free to contact us directly.

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