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What you know about intelligent packaging?

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:06/27/2018

The 21st World Cup opened the game at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The host of the Group A Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0 and made a good start. It was the end of seven consecutive games.





For custom printing box manufacturer, just like the world Cup, whoever occupies the high ground of value data has the initiative.


In the past 20 years, with the continuous update and iteration of the Internet, mobile terminals and big data, consumers and brands have been more responsive to the demands of packaging. The traditional business model USES industrial scale production to reduce costs, while the mass production of identical goods, whose appearance and taste are contrary to the individual needs of people. Therefore, more and more personalized packaging boxes, personalized products have mushroomed.




From a business's perspective, it's much more than choosing an interactive approach. Encountered in the process of commodity sales, such as anti-counterfeiting, trace-ability, online marketing, promotion and so on the different demand, and with qr code, RFID/NFC tags, digital watermarking, AR augmented reality, large data analysis based on intelligent packaging solutions, will have a full range of products from production to sales.


Using intelligent packaging technology brings more accurate market prediction, a more realistic sales plan, less or even zero inventory, convenient the use of products and after-sales service, to give consumers more trust of commodity production process, more transparent, for consumers to enjoy more services, even need to pay a higher cost, intelligent packaging is also increasingly accepted brands and try.


By given the only coding on commodity packaging box, makes each commodity consumer social media portal, thus creating a new business model, by trying to intelligent packaging, brought brand new changes, by adding the digital watermark in the box and variable QR code, achieve security, resource, enhance the recognition of the box quality of consumers.


Scan the QR code on the box can be added to say, upload pictures and video, after receiving the goods again and code can see this special gift, a originally common box into a "story-teller packaging" "packaging" has emotions, brands have more interesting rich connotation, product sales in the holiday activities got significant improvement.


The future business will inevitably be driven by technology. The future business will be the data business. Whoever occupies the high ground of value data will have the initiative. 4.0 as the country "Internet +" and "industrial policy, printing and packaging companies with environment to realize packaging products and the integration of the Internet, constantly creates new business connection mode will be the inexorable trend.


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