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What we must know when we are ready to customize a gift packaging box

  • source:box supplier
  • Time:03/09/2018
Packaging and printing refers to the packaging printed on the decorative patterns, patterns or text, in order to make the product more attractive or more descriptive, to enhance the value of the product itself. In general, the custom packaging box quotes need to follow the customer needs custom gift box supplier of the process to quote, then what are the basic packaging and printing process? Which technology do you prefer to customize your brand product packaging?
  • Foil stamping
We can see most of the foil stamping in our life is silver foil or gold foil.But actually there are many foil stamping color to be chosen. The science name of foil stamping is hot press transfer printing which means to make the metal plate heating,stamping foil.It can press gold color(or other color you choose) text or image onto the packaging box. 
  • UV
UV is ultraviolet, is called “UV vanishing’. By UV irradiation to dry curing ink is the necessary process.Currently UV ink has been covered by offset, screen, ink-jet, printing and other fields. The main purpose is to make your design look more lighter and attractive,protect the surface of the printing boxes, its high hardness, corrosion-resistant, less prone to scratches and so on. It can be divided into spot UV and full UV.
  • Embossing and debossing
Pressure on the printing packaging is a local change in the pattern of the formation of the process, which uses the bump mold, under the pressure of a certain role, so that the printed plastic substrate material deformation. It is kind of art printing process on the surface of gift printing boxes. It can be divided into cheap ordinary corrosion version and concave expensive laser engraving version.
  • Color printing/Monochrome printing
Color printing is a way of copying images or text in color.It contains many steps or conversion processes to produce high-quality color gift packaging boxes.
Monochrome printing refers to the use of a printing plate, which can be black printing, color printing, but also can be spot color printing. Spot color printing refers to the special modulation required for a special color design as a basic color, through the general printing. However,monochrome printing is more widely used, and will also produce a rich color tone, to achieve satisfactory results.
Seemingly simple packaging, single great knowledge. To make exquisite packaging, printing process is still very particular about. And if any request about gift packaging boxes, we are your best choice.

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