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What are the best watch boxes?

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  • Time:06/11/2019

The high-end watch box is customized with different internal support, which gives you different visual enjoyment and functional effects!

In order to protect the watch, highlight the quality of the watch, increase the value of the watch, and enhance the value of the watch, we generally require the packaging and printing factory to add a lining to the box when the high-end watch box is customized. There are a variety of materials available for packaging linings. Such as EVA lining, sponge lining, plastic lining, paper support, flannel, satin and so on. The internal materials of different materials give us different visual enjoyment in the senses, and there are also differences in functions.

EVA internal support is the most commonly used lining material, because it has corrosion resistance, anti-aging, rust-proof, odorless, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, light density, easy to absorb moisture, and a variety of color options, etc. The protection of the watch case is very good. It appears to be relatively tough visually, with a watch placed in it as if it were tightly held and will not fall out easily.


High-end watch box custom EVA inside


high end watch box custom

The sponge lining has the characteristics of softness, anti-squeezing, large resilience, good anti-vibration effect, low cost of sponge, and easy processing. It is widely used by high-end watch manufacturers. Visually, it has a lot of holes, and there is a starry effect, which is a good example of the elegance of the watch.


High-end watch box sponge


high end watch box sponge

The shortcoming of plastic lining is not soft, the advantage is good stability, anti-extrusion, not easy to deform, plastic lining is not often used in watch packaging, because its anti-shock effect is not as good as sponge and EVA, it is often used in food packaging, such as chocolate packaging. , moon cake packaging, etc. Plastic linings are often used in conjunction with silk fabrics. Silk fabrics have a very high gloss to increase the texture of the product packaging.

Flannel, strong sense of three-dimensional, high gloss, soft and thick to touch, the type of velveteen, velvet, flocking cloth. A high-end watch case with a flannel lining, the watch's sense of style and elegance are immediately reflected. Even if you don't like the watch, you will be attracted by the gentle flannel.


High-end watch box velvet



Satin cloth gives the first impression that it is very smooth, bright and has a strong luster. Satin Beneto is a fabric that combines comfort, modernity and artistic sense. The high-end watch box with satin cloth attracts many consumers of love watches with their unique attractive charm. Can't help but pay for the product.


High-end watch box satin


high end watch box stain

Custom-made high-end watch boxes, in the promotion of product value, Netto's contribution. If you want your watch to stand out in the fierce competition, in addition to packaging design, packaging and printing, you also need to choose the material.



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