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What are the advantages of custom paper bags?

  • source:Custom Paper Bags
  • Time:05/24/2018

Paper bags have a wide range of applications in all walks of life. Especially in the United States and Japan,paper bag packaging is everywhere. Paper bags are one of the oldest and most widely used forms of packaging and have many advantages.

  • 1.Simplicity

Paper bags are the simplest and most efficient general packaging. In a retail store, salespersons can pack without skilled skills. The sealing of bags is simple and easy to open. Even purchasers can make paper bags themselves. But when you are thinking about to customize your paper bags for your products package with special designs, you need to find a professional paper bags factory. What’s more there are some important tips you need to bear in mind when creating your paper bag designs.


During the design of the paper bag, the packaging box should be able to open and close, and be folded and stacked in a flat shape. The whole is convenient for combination operation; the portable part is firm and durable; the volume in the transportation process is as small as possible, which can reduce the cost and improve the transportation efficiency.


  • 2.Recyclable


Compared to plastic bags and disposable shopping bags, paper bags are more environmentally friendly.The state needs to put in place practical measures to restrict the use of disposable packaging and plastic bags, and to eliminate unlimited access to plastic bags. At the same time, it is of great significance to strengthen the recycling and utilization of waste. Paper bag packaging is a good choice and can be recycled.


  • 3.Speciality


The paper bag design has more special properties of a particular product. Such as the use of specific product symbols and signs of wrapping paper or paper bags. Using specific packaging structures and design packaging styles can avoid many repetitive designs and highlight the brand and characteristics of the product.These custom paper bags can make your products or brand outstanding from others.


  • 4.Practicality


Products in different industries can be packaged in paper bags using different paper materials and can be customized in various sizes. Different materials are used to handle the products. Among them, the apparel industry and the food industry are the most widely used. The paper bag packaging of the garment industry is more upscale than the paper bags of the food industry, and the design is also rich and colorful, so that the value of the clothing brand can be more prominent.


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