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We make cosmetic gift boxes for “Yves Rocher”group

  • source:Huaisheng
  • Time:01/30/2018

"Yves Rocher" was founded in 1959, it is a cosmetic group company,integrated in planting,researching,production,packaging,and selling and has become No. one brand in France since 2003.

"Sabon" the sub-brand of Yves Rocher is one of the most famous skincare brands in the world,found us online and sent us an inquiry about common sizes of their custom foldable gift boxes on February 4th.

The purchasing manager Roey is a great mother of two children,we discussed by emails at the beginning about their cosmetic gift boxes collection orders,she was so satisfied with our price and soon sent their samples to us for asking more accurate price.Finally we made a deal and first make samples for checking the quality for them.

Yves Rocher 02

Of course they are very pleased with our sample quality,so they soon placed a trail order of 8500pcs tube perfume gift boxes.They were very happy with our service and mass production quality. Now we are making 50500pcs of custom tube paper boxes and 10410pcs of folding gift boxes for them.They are expecting continuous and future cooperation with us,so they requested their head office in China made a factory inspection in our company on June 22th.

Yves Rocher 03
Yves Rocher 04
Yves Rocher 05
Yves Rocher 06

The qualification manager Vince and quality manager Alex were sent to our factory,we picked them at the hotel at 8:30 in the morning. After arriving the factory,they soon started the work and made a whole day inspection for all aspects, such as factory scale, QA & QC management,social responsibility.......

They affirmed our basic management system,after-service system,quality control system as well as better and smooth communication between each department.

At the same time,they hope we can make some improvement in some details,such as how to better stock those reserved samples from each order,how to make a standard sampling table,how to make full use of the warehouse. They are so strict and professional,but we are very appreciated their suggestions. In this way our company can grow more faster.


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