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Velvet flower boxes are making in our workshop

  • source:giftpackagingbox
  • Time:11/21/2018


If you are running a flower store, maybe this news is helpful for you to know more packaging solutions.

There is the velvet material of flower gift box which was made of velvet with the grey beard, and this material has many colors as well as can customize the foil, silver gold or another color you want. This box is our client who is from UK running a brand flower shop in the UK, and they ordered 50000pcs flower boxes in our company.

huaisheng velvet flower boxes

Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging CO., Ltd is with over 10 years handmade experienced staff and technical personnel for quality control, as well as 20 professional trading sales, the company has a rich strength and good reputation. At present, Our customers across all over the world, and enterprises with a number of well-known long-term relations of cooperation, any boxes shape, colors are welcome to customize! Also, we are able to provide a free template for you to make the design.

velvet flower boxes

This video shows that our workers are making boxes, and our customers are satisfied with our quality and efficiency from this video.



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