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How to use black correctly in packaging box printing?

  • source:packaging box builder
  • Time:12/30/2022

When it comes to black, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Scary, mysterious, cool, understated, or trendy?

From the perspective of color definition, black is an achromatic color, but because of the special psychological feeling it brings to people, it is selected and defined by human beings as a psychological tone and endowed with multiple meanings. In Western culture, black is often given dark and fearful meanings.




In product packaging design, black, white, and gray are three very classic colors. We can often see that black is used as the main color on the packaging of some high-end luxury goods and some men's products.

The clever application of black on the packaging can give the product a higher level of texture. So how to use black correctly in packaging box printing?


When designing packaging, black is used as the main color, and the color matching should not be too complicated. Lines or symbols can be added to embellish to highlight product characteristics, so that customers can remember what kind of product they are when they see the packaging box printing.


In order to achieve a bright effect for the black packaging box, good oily ink is needed in printing. The thick ink color can better spread the black evenly, the texture is full, and there is no color difference, which fully reflects the mystery of high-grade black.


black paper boxes


The application of special technology will add points to the product packaging. Printing techniques such as hot stamping, hot silver or UV can be used on the black packaging to increase product recognition and improve the grade of product packaging.


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